Signs of a Soul Mate or Twin Flame

2015 edit–please read–This is an older post. As such, we all grow and evolve.  At this point in my journey I will say that these signs are true for most types of soul connections, including twin flames.  However, the signs of twin flames include additional elements beyond this listing and are generally only understood by going through them over time (and in most cases, YEARS.)  It takes time to understand that you are in a twin flame connection.  Most of you are not.  I will be speaking a lot more on twin flames, stay tuned!


Posted due to popular demand–many of you ask me about this. I have taught this information in LilyDale, NY and counseled lots of people about this. I give you, Signs of a Soul Mate.   If you are experiencing these symptoms and you need help– please get in touch with me.  If one could be given through life experience, I may have a PhD in soul mate experience, a hard but wisdom laden road.  I can definitely help you, and let you know what has helped others (and me) through these experiences.  Do not go through it alone, and no….you are not crazy!

Signs of a Soul Mate

 □  An energetic feeling of connection in the heart, sacral and/or third eye chakras.

□  There is a “romantic” connection.

□  An instant, magnetic, unexplainable attraction.

□  A moment of “soul recognition” that this person is a soul mate, often by a feeling that the connection is establishing itself in your energetic body

□  Psychic or telepathic communication, empathic feelings, knowing the person’s thoughts, feelings, or physical condition.

□  Synchronicities at the time of meeting or at important points in the relationship.  Or a repeated occurrence of seeing the numbers 11:11.

□  Vivid and/or meaningful dreams of partner, astral travels/intimacy/sex in dreams that feels real, a premonition of meeting this person in a dream or other form.

□  Feeling their presence when they are not physically present.

□  Feeling of familiarity regardless of time spent together, “love at first sight”, deep understanding with no logical prior knowledge.

□  Feelings of having spent past lifetimes together, actual past life memories, often tied to current soul mate themes or lessons.

□  General compatibility and mutual shared interests.

□  A spiritual awakening triggered by the partner, that can include: kundalini rising, new found awareness of your personal life purpose, a deepening connection to Higher Power.

□  Similarities in life experiences, often within the same timeframe, “just missing” each other (times when you could have met but didn’t.)

□  A period of separation, during which lessons are integrated.

□  The “runner” and “stayer” dynamic: one or both of you runs from the relationship out of fear, one or both of you at some point wants to stay and make it work.

□  Soul-mate “mirroring” and projection of personal issues.  They “mirror” for you what you need to work on in yourself.

□  You recognize life changing lessons to learn about yourself and the nature of love through this relationship.

□  A profound sense of unconditional love for this person.

□  Conflict in the relationship is intolerable and must be resolved immediately.

□  A sacred element to sexuality.

□  You don’t just “get over it”, you miss them intensely! Feeling that it is not over, even though it may appear to be in external circumstance. Loss/separation can be as painful as a bereavement process.

□  Your life has been thrown into upheaval, huge changes of job, home, finances, inner beliefs, spiritual or religious beliefs.

□  You feel like you are going nuts! Confusion, grief, etc.

□  Obstacles, blocks and more obstacles—partner may already be in a relationship (though not fulfilling) geographical distances, etc.

□  The connection lives on, even without contact or communication, even if you want it to end!

□  Feeling that you two are the only two people in the universe when you talk although there may be tons of people around, time “stands still.”

□  The “push” and the “pull”–Back and forth statements, “I love you” one minute, “I can’t do this” the next, on and off situations with the person, does not want you to leave them although they cannot be with you.

□  You know that a part of you is changing, or has to change, and there is no going back.

179 thoughts on “Signs of a Soul Mate or Twin Flame

      1. Victoria — everything I’ve read applies to my actual situation … Since I met this person my life is not the same it’s been 2 years without any contact and just can’t forget him– and we are both in relationship, but I’m always sad, have a feeling of grief, and feel like I’m missing something — do u think that at some point we will reunite… Cause I don’t feel in peace…😞😞

      2. Hi Vanessa, what you are expressing here is not unusual for various types of soul connections. It depends on the kind of connection and its purposes/lessons. Not all soul mates or even twin flames are always meant to be together in a romantic relationship format. If I can help you cope let me know and we can set up an appointment. Hugs, V

      3. Hi.. I think I have met my soulmate but he is i a relationship. whenever he comes around me I just cannot explain the ppwerful connection that exists. from day 1 it was magical ;/ but he has a gfriend

    1. Hi, I definitely have found my soul mate. He abruptly ended our relationship to go back to his daughter’s mom. Even though I was painfully hurt, I just want him to be happy, I still feel deeply connected, and we haven’t had any contact. Any help or advice ?

      1. Hi thanks for your comment. My general advice is accepting the situation as best you can. Whatever he has stated as far as contact will have to be respected also. The best approach to have is to see it as a learning experience as far as what your lessons are in the situation. If you need more specific help, let me know.

    2. My soul mate and I met a few days ago. We have the same spirit animal (snake), personality type (ENTP- which he had to tell me i was an ENTP and sure enough thats how i tested and the personality type I am), and many things aligning in our natal charts. My Rising was actually his Node (Virgo) and the day we met, I tracked it and it was a fucking Virgo node. I actually had experienced my first extreme spiritual encounterment with him (long story) and he recalled the exact story that happened to me that i had not yet spoken or remembered. We both use eachother to ground eachother and shit and its crazy because i KNOW i found my soulmate or twin flame or whatever because EVERYTHING with us was completely flowing that day. He even said something major was going to happen and i said it was an uneasy feeling but I knew i still wanted it to happen and he never said it was going to be bad, but just big. And we were both right. We saw eye to eye on EVERYTHING and i swear I’m in love with a gay guy. Yes, he’s gay. And we both have the same life path numbers in numerology (5) and get this- he had told me that in one of his “spirit journeys” whatever a SNAKE slithered up to him and said he would find love soon. And I sure did come along. He even said he reconsidered being gay, and I know Patrick is gay at heart, and I know I found my soulmate, i guess i wrote this all because i love him and
      I’m scared I’ll never see him again

      1. Hi there, wow this definitely sounds like it is difficult. Some type of connection but unlikely to be in a “relationship” context obviously unless he finds out that he is not 100% gay. It would depend on the reasons for the connection for both of you. Of course I am sure you want him to be happy. It may help more for you to talk this out with him. If you need specific help, contact me and I am happy to schedule you for an appointment. Blessings, V

  1. Hi, I live in Texas. I am a young married woman and I do have feelings for my husband(we fight constantly and our give and take is unbalanced), but l have had this unexplanable attraction to my ex boyfriend ever since my eyes laid on him from early adolescence. Years have passed from our romantic rupture and now im married and have frequent repetitive dreams of me me being desperate and having the urge to leave my husband to reunite with my ex boyfriend(which in reality I felt I was over him and done with). I have sent him an anonymous message through social media trying to find out about him and how his life is going, but got into problems with his wife and the anonymous message(I never told him or her my identity). A couple months later I received a message from him(through my actual public profile) asking how I am doing! I am tempted to answer him, but feel guilty. I have realized after time that I have repressed my love for him but through my subconscious mind and dreams keep tormenting me with these feelings and unexplanable pull. I truly feel and believe that he feels the same way after these couple years, I no longer know what to do and feel trapped. I need help!!!

    1. Lizbeth, I recommend that we have an appointment to address anything specifically as far as these dynamics go but I can give you a general answer here. Ask yourself what the reasons are or may be for your “pull” to this person. These are signs that you have to go within and ask about. Sometimes it is nothing but a catalyst experience to get you to make changes or choices that would be the best for you, regardless of the soul connection. If there is something there, then there is a reason for it. Guilt, is what it is, but it is not a very productive emotion, right? Examine the guilt, and release it, for how you feel is how you feel, feelings are not wrong–they are information, things to be worked through.

  2. ive met my soulmate! weve known eachother for 3 years and talked on n off for 2 years. regardless of the distance or months of no communication just as soon as we see eachother its like love at first sight every time. heart skips a beat and were both are attracted to eachother. were friends only though, well, as for right now. weve been talking for a whole year as friends and we will have our ups n down no matter how much we wanna leave we just cant seem to leave. &even though there will be silence in conversations it doesnt seem to effect the relationship. its like we know eachother so well we share almost anything together… we would have dreams, and as i am on my spiritual awakening now, i come to realize that he is my soul mate. unconditional love. i had dreams, signs, senses n visions to answer my questions more like the higher self of me guided me to it.

    1. Hi there, yes it does sound to me like a soul mate! What you are describing is not uncommon at all for soul connections. Open to your spiritual awakening and learn the lessons this connection brings you.

      1. Hello I need help but I’m so far away, in so much pain it won’t end, I met this person in November 2011. I remember that night I refused to go out and hang with my friends but somehow they convinced me and I went. I just don’t know hey. Like we aren’t speaking now so I know the runner and stayer aspect pretty well, it was love at first sight, he makes me a better person, being with him I always got the sense he was my grandfathers spirit cause I sensed he wanted to protect me, I can’t get over him, its like an uphill battle. We mirror each other, so much you are saying makes so much sense, I’d say its over he’d still come back I would accept him because I was in love, my biggest silent supporter, but I couldn’t help get mad at him. He said I was the good side of him, I just can’t take the intensity of the love and the hate, because it hurts so much. He is gone now, for good but I’m still grieving. I’ve had so many failed relationships but none of which ties me as much to one guy ever, its scary, that after months or how long I still long for him.

      2. Hi there, contact me here on my website for an appointment for specific help but I can make general comments here. I know the feeling, very much so, and until things are worked through these connections can bring a lot of pain and suffering. Some things to remember about love, even soul mate love. You will learn how to love yourself throughout these connections, how to stand up for yourself and assert your rights. It actually helps both people in a connection when one person does not tolerate things that are hurtful, that is how people learn. So, do not stand for anything that you know is not right even from a soul mate. You have to go through the feelings, there is no real way out but through.

  3. Thank you, for after reading this, I don’t feel as crazy about the way Ive been feeling for the past month. I met this guy at a job function and instantly felt a magnetic connection. It feels like we’ve known each other forever. I’ve always been a spiritual person but this has awakened me to a higher level. But I’m so confused because I know he felt what I felt because I can sense it. And I can sense his confusion about me and he shared some things that would make the average person vulnerable and i think he’s scared, so he has put up a wall. I hate the fact i think about him ALL day long. What should I do to get on with my life?

    1. Yes, if you don’t know what is going on, it is very easy to feel like you are crazy, this is always a lesson in trusting yourself. Clear the confusion of your own feelings, which is really more about accepting them as they are. It is his job to clear his own confusion, so do not take that on as your work. Get on with your life and what you enjoy–just do it! Come to some conclusion about how you feel, accept it, and learn your own lessons. Allow the awakening to happen. Running is also common here unfortunately especially with the male end, especially if they are not used to handling this kind of energy or connection. Scared is normal in these situations, but you can’t force him into anything. But you can work on yourself!

  4. I’ve had a weird connection with a guy who I consider to be a runner (he’s displayed all the typical signs). I’ve known him for about 6 years and in all this time he’s always ran away from me. He’s never befriended me like a normal person even though I tried to be a friend to him. So I can’t even consider him to be a friend, in fact he’s nothing to me as we never had any foundation for anything. The last time I saw him was last year he left work without saying goodbye.

    When I think about it in all the time I knew him he’s always moved on and dated other women. He’s always had a selfish streak and cared about number one. I wasn’t exactly sitting around waiting for him, I realised pretty much earlier on that he wasn’t mature enough or spiritually aware to have a connection with me.

    The crappy thing is even though I always wanted to move on in my life, in the last few years I’ve never met anyone nice or met with new change such as a having new job to help me get on with my life. Instead I’ve had constant reminders of him either through seeing him through my dreams or seeing/hearing his name through signs. I’m pretty mad at the universe and not at him for not allowing new things to come into my life.

    I would say to anyone in this situation with a runner, just move on and if a change of opportunity presents itself, take it and don’t wait around for the runner because they literally waste your life. I don’t ever want to run into him again as I know he’s not the kind of person I would want to have in my life, even if he wanted to re-connect. He’s too wishy washy for my liking and that is a basis for shallowness in itself! The keyword that comes to mind is AVOID!

    1. Oh yes, the joy of runners! LOL. I think you are having a healthy approach. Think about what you have learned from him and the situation, and you are bound to grow no matter what happens 🙂 If it is still there, that means that there is still work to do. Learn the lessons and it may dissolve on its own. But even if it doesn’t, it shows you there is more to learn. Empower yourself to make the changes you want to make. You can’t force the universe to give you what you want but it will give you what you need. No one likes hearing that, of course. Try to see that he has his own reasons for running which you may not know, because he hasn’t exactly made that easy for you to understand. “Moving on” I always recommend as in taking charge of your life and doing what makes you happy. NEVER wait for a runner. ALWAYS live your life. However, meet your feelings where they are because avoidance of them is a guarantee that you won’t learn from them.

  5. Another thing I forgot to mention is if you have a runner on your facebook delete/block all contact, it’s not healthy having constant reminders of them. I did this along time ago and it was the best thing I did.

  6. The moment I was introduced to Jeff by a colleague, and I glanced up at his name tag, there was a spark of recognition. I ran his name over and over my head as if expecting it to decode and be a password to a hidden treasure. He just got married that time, and was expecting a child. I was married too, and had my son a year later. I soon moved to another department and did not bump into him again. A couple of years later, after my mat leave, I went on a training course where he was there as well. Hesat behind me..and I have forgotten it was him, and that I have already met him in the past. He would coach me from behind when I couldnt catch up. Fast forward another year, our kids started playing at a kids indoor place. I was chatting with a little girl who came nextbto my soon, and she turned out to be his daughter. Five years later, I got transferred to his department..and that’s when the connection, interaction and attraction started. We have so much in common its scary. I guess I am the runner..i have been avoiding him as this is way too intense for me.

    1. LOL, yes it’s funny that we often don’t hear what it’s like on the runner end, so I am glad you posted this. It helps everyone else to see that the runner feels it also, that is why they run! Pretty logical if you think about it. It is more helpful though, not to run. Examine what the message may be for you and your life. You may not have to interact with him to figure that out.

  7. Maiah you’re doing the right thing by avoiding him. At the end of the day you’re both married to other people so why would you want to create upheaval over an attraction. I see it like this if two people are meant to be together then it will happen in a natural way and relationships that are not meant to be will take their natural cause. It’s not worth the hassle by seeing anyone in secret first! Well done for using your logic I think more people need to be down to earth and practical when it comes to all this twin flame malarchy.

  8. Actually, this is quite interesting. I met a guy while traveling in Thailand. He said when he met me, I was his type. We were very attracted to each other…but he was leaving to another city but we added each other on fb. I then saw he was travelling to Cambodia…which I was travelling to as well but didn’t really have a plan in place. I decided to follow numbers…precisely…11:11…and by following them…I ended up being in the same place he was for a month. I couldn’t leave his side. While we had some romantic occurrences…he didn’t want to pursue the connection because he said he wasn’t ready for a relationship and had romantic affairs all the while I was on the island. Some people told me I was crazy for staying…but, I couldn’t leave. I felt drawn to stay and stayed all the way until the end of my visa ended. Let’s jump 3 months ahead…I started getting messages from him…at 3:03 or 333…and then I had a dream with him one night. He messaged me that same day. I told him, ‘wow, how random. I just I had a dream with you last night’. Then he messaged back, ‘I had a dream with you last night as well’. He moved back to Turkey and I am in Canada. Regardless of our geographical locations, we still connected through our dreams. And then we spoke for the first time in 3 months and it was like we had never parted. I am certain we are cosmically connected.

    1. Wow, what an amazing example of synchronicity! Thanks for sharing. We all have to remember that we have to have the courage to listen to these things and not try to shove them aside with our rational mind. However, listening doesn’t mean it’s all going to turn out the way you want. It means you trust yourself to learn what you can learn from the situation.

  9. I have a few questions. Is it possible to have more than one soulmate? I am overwhelmed at how much I love this person. From the night I met him on. Throughout the years we have both struggled and have went around in circles until we connected a few years ago. The connection was extremely intense and wonderful but we mutually decided it wasnt the right time as we were both still growing. The entire time I have known this person I have gotten these feelings, warnings like he is going through something difficult or sadness etc. It makes me physically sick. However, I have had stuff like this happen ever since I can remember. I get these feelings for my immediate family and when I am in relationships. I just know where people are sometimes and Im extremely sensitive to environments. Some houses I literally get sick and cant walk into because I just know something bad happened there and the same with objects some I wont touch. So would my feelings for this man be because he is my soulmate or is it just a soul tie I havent broken? Also my awakening started right after we connected. Im feeling a little lost. My family understands I feel like this but thats as far as they go with this stuff. Id appreciate any advice you might have. 🙂

    1. Hi Annabella, yes it is very likely that once you have had one soul mate experience, there will be more. Overwhelmed is totally normal. Going around in circles is also totally normal. In general, it makes it easier if you can identify what the circle is and end the cycle of round and round by just making a decision to do that. That is always easier said than done, though. The empathic feelings are also normal. It can happen with anyone that you are close to, but is very common with soul mates. You may also be an intuitive person and this heightens the experience. It sounds like a soul mate to me, but remember the labels don’t matter so much, the experience is the same. Many people if they have not experienced a soul mate or twin flame just won’t understand it. Try to notice and move through the empathic feelings, it’s easier when you realize it’s not yours to let it go. If you need more help, let’s set up an appointment.

  10. What you described is perfect. I wish I had found this a few months ago!
    I have never been one to truly study or truly believe in this sort of thing. Almost two months ago I spilt with my boyfriend of almost five years. I was utterly devastated and couldn’t understand why I was so broken hearted. For the past two months I have been frantically trying to earn back his trust all to no avail. Two days ago, as a split second decision, I sought the help of a local psychic who informed me he was my soulmate. I’m now embarking on a spiritual journey to align his and my chakras and hope that this will open his eyes to the truth that I know.
    My question is, what are the odds of this being successful? The girl I am seeing is great and has filled me with so much hope but there is a part of me that is fearful. Do these sort of rituals help?

    1. I feel like I forgot to add the backstory. I met him in the most impossible way. I was going to class in college, met one guy who brought me to a indoor dodgeball game which is where I met him.
      From there, my entire world changed. I have never in my life felt so warm, so connected, so safe and loved to another human being before in all my life. It’s an experience that words alone cannot explain. Our relationship wasn’t all rosy (he’s a Picses and I’m a Libra) but for me it was incredible. We balanced the other out so perfectly though.
      From what I’ve read here and what I’ve learned the past few days has truly opened my mind and heart to all of this. Also, not sure if this is just coincidence or not, when I went in for my reading a few days ago the girl had an Egyptian Tarot deck. His name, Seth, appeared in the reading although spelled slightly differently.

    2. Hi Kim! Yes it’s very helpful info to know. Most of us do not believe things unless we have experienced them. But just because they are a soul mate or even a twin flame, does not mean that a relationship is pending. This is where we get stuck as we have to let go of all of our attachments to outcomes and learn what we are meant to learn from them. Some soul mates are there for an hour, the time is not important but it is about what you are learning. You need to clear out your own stuff, that is all you can be responsible for and to understand what you are learning and then learn it. If you both do that, there is a possibility of success in coming back together…what will be will be. Both people have to do their work and there are no shortcuts.

  11. Hi, i didnt know this was a thing until weird things started to happen to me that i couldnt ignore. I dated a guy in hs. Our relationship was like no other, intense, passionate, crazy, in love. It ended suddenly and loose ends were left messy. Fast forward a few years later we talked on and off casually. I got married and had 2 kids, he moved out of state and has a gf. Well my marriage has fallen apart, im just now getting out of an abusive relationship. Well for the past 6 months every single day i see 11:11, 1:11, i keep having this feeling something is about to happen. About a week ago i was feeling down and was thinking of my ex boyfriend alllll day, after not talking for years guess who messaged me that night!? Him, after ghinking about him all day that night he talked to me. We both confessed we were the loves of our lives, he told me he hasnt had that feeling for anyone else ever, not even his gf, he told me the past eats at him and he wishes we would havr met later in life, like now. He kept asking me what he should do. I dont think he is in love with his gf but is scared. Im getting divorced and i think it all is scary/too messy for him. He told me he wishes he could be with me. Now i havnt heard from him since and his fb is floaded with picd of him and his gf. :(. Im confused. Sad and keep seeing 11:11, think about him and dont know what to do. Im sure i love him, like unconditional love, i would never break up his relationship or hurt him. Help

    1. Hi Ashley yes this is how people learn about this stuff, by having things happen they can’t ignore. 🙂 The situation you describe here is also very common with soul connections. He needs to figure out what he needs to do….so you can “help” but really the work is his. Also, it is very common for one partner to start running because of the intensity of the connection…and usually it is the male, and usually they run right back into a “safe” relationship. You have to learn what you need to learn from this and focus on that as much as possible. He has chosen what he has because he has something to learn from it, so don’t become a chaser 🙂 Or a runner either. Just deal with what it brings up for you to clear

  12. I also have never had those feelings for anyone else, it kills me and it is so scsry to think i might never find it with anyone but him. It is hard when u expierence that so young, everything else is messsured up to that feeling. I have never cared for someone like i do him, not even my ex husband(i know that sounds bad). I just have this feeling since the moment we met we were suppose to be together, he said the same but i think he is scared

    1. I hear you and I understand exactly what you are saying. It is not an easy road. Try to be in the now as much as possible. We don’t know what the universe will bring. If it scares you that can help you to be compassionate to the fact that it scares him also.

      1. Do you think that sounds like a soul connection, do you think he will contact me again? Are soul connections a long term thing? It physically hurts me to not be with him/talk to him

      2. Yes it sounds like a soul connection to me. But, just because it is that does not mean it will be a relationship. It depends. No, not all soul connections are a long term thing at all. There are no guarantees. I know it physically hurts. It’s all a part of the process. If you would like more help with your specific situation, let me know and we can make an appointment

    2. I feel you here! One month after the man I married decided to split, my neighbor at the time of five years (who has a gf) starts messaging me on Fb. Then we exchanged numbers, text constantly and fought constantly because I kept telling him he had a gf. Our relationship turned into so much more than either of us had ever wanted because come on, my husband just left me and he’s has this gf, mother of his children since he’s been my neighbor. I ended up trying to not see him because I knew I was falling for him but he couldn’t understand at first why I no longer wanted contact with him. We kept having an on and off thing where we would talk but we couldn’t be friends. We wanted to see his eachother, to embrace eachother and feel that connection that over powers us. He never told me these things of course but in these situations it’s like no one has to speak. You can just feel it and see it in their eyes. One day I wrote him a letter expressing how I felt the best way I could. All though I had never felt this way before about anyone. I felt like I was going crazy. He was always honest, never filled my head with empty promises. But there were times were he told me he felt the same about me but he just can’t leave her. He was always honest in telling me he can never be what I want him to be. On the other hand he’s never been able to tell me he hates me or never wants to talk to me or anything at all in any rude manner. I tried on a few different occasions because I thought maybe if he was aggressive with his words it would all of a sudden make me not feel anything for him. This connection I have with him feels so surreal and unbelievable. I used to be the girl on the sidelines telling everyone they are crazy for doing this stuff. Because I myself had never experience actual unconditional love. I had never experienced so much love for what person that no matter what they’ve done I just want to continue loving them like there’s no tomorrow. I’ve been more emotionally disrupted by this man that I think my ex husband could ever even imagine. At the same time the universe hit me with every emotional distasteful possible. My ex husband completely destroyed me in every way but love. Than a month later this man comes in to play and the universe gives me a soul mate it may never be with because he does believe in this stuff he’s a runner and yes stayed in his safety met of a relationship. I want so hard to forget him and I just can’t. But I never thought of letting it go in the way that has been suggested. I mean I’ve told him his eyes don’t lie and I can just feel he feels the same way. I read that soul mates can often experience each other’s feelings. Like for example if you’re having an excellent day at work but then all of a sudden you feel sad for no explainable reason. My emotions have been all over the place since I met this guy but because so much had changed and happened in my life the past year yes I thought I was totally going crazy . How can one person love another so much when nothing is reciprocated. Yet at the same time it’s like I just know he feels the same way and I’ve felt that he’s scared. But than I try to convince myself that’s not rational thinking and if he felt he same way he’d be with me. I could go on about this for ages lol so I’ll stop there. Thank you for reading 🙂

      1. Thx u for this today, im having a hard time today. I had a surreal dream about him. I was with him and i was on cloud 9. I never wanted to wake up. Since i last was on here he proposed to his gf:(. This was two weeks after telling me i was the person he had all these feelings for, couldnt find it with anyone else, etc. Im so hurt and confused. He blocked me from contacting him. I really want to call him privately to talk as adults and get an explaination. Im not sure what to do. He said all these things and then all of s sudden i was just a friend and someone he wanted to forget. Whst should i do? 😦

      2. Your welcome, and we all have our good days and bad days with this. It is hard to have a spiritual connection on other levels with a soul that you do not have a physical connection with but many lessons are learned that way. So sorry for your pain though. 😦 Until one or both people become clear and work through their issues you will get confusing information from someone who is confused. So as not to confuse yourself, you may consider taking a break from contact for a while. You can’t force someone to talk to you though. Journal what you are feeling to try to get some closure.

      3. Yes you are definitely describing a typical soul mate situation. Letting go is part of the process for all of them, whether they come back together or not. It is reciprocated, just not in the way that you are hoping for in terms of actions. Just because someone feels this way for you does not mean they are ready to be in a relationship with you. They are not the same thing.

  13. Hi Victoria, good name 🙂
    I appreciate your list, it resonates well with my experiences. I met my destiny last year, my soul knew long before I did what was going on and I found myself writing songs about being “one” and spending eternity in his soul all the time laughing quietly at myself and thinking I was taking just a bit much poetic license. I’m pretty sure he noticed before I really got the hint because he started giving signals of having deep feelings while I was still processing the whole thing from the ego perspective. I was in a failed marriage when we met, my husband had asked for a separation months earlier, and there is a significant age gap. The whole thing happened terribly unexpectedly, I have been questing for enlightenment my whole life and decades before had reached a point where my higher self guidance informed me that I would complete this journey with a destined mate, by last year, however, I had entirely forgotten that and was struggling to keep my relationship with my husband. I was in extreme emotional pain when we met and so was he. Our encounter healed me like I never thought possible, I am now so whole and peaceful in my heart and soul and I know it is because of his love. We are not together physically.. I wont say “but” we are not together physically, there is no “but” about it, it just is. My ego struggles with this a lot, it’s most confusing and does not make sense that we keep our distance so passively but my heart is sure, I have no fear in it to act on.
    Most of all in your post I wanted to say that the last item on your list is the most profound for me – the feeling that you have changed and can never go back. Before this, I always felt I could go back, in fact, it was integral to my beliefs and intentions. Now, I feel that I simply cannot be anything but who I am, where I am, right now. My existence has been turned entirely on its head and there is no returning it to a former state ever again, I wouldn’t even want to because of this deep assurance in my soul that it has taken me a gigantic leap into the right path and things couldn’t be more perfect.
    Though I long endlessly for him and have been a way off accepting that we might never be together at all again, I’m slowly learning not to dwell on this and focus instead on the gift of soul peace, health and inspiration that is the gift of having met and loved him in person.

    1. Thanks so much for your comments. Yes it is quite a thing to try to process from an ego perspective because these connections go deeper than that level of consciousness. Usually they also do happen when you least expect it, and often times if there is another relationship involved it is generally not a fulfilling one. It’s damn near impossible to not be changed profoundly by these connections but it does sound like you are moving through it well and with a lot of personal growth! Beautiful story of what these connections are truly all about and thank you for sharing. If you need further assistance with it don’t hesitate to contact me! Namaste

  14. Thank you for this! It’s been 7 years apart and I still dream of him every night. I already know there have been many past lives together. What are the chances that he also dreams of me? Or, is this a one-sided soul contract type deal? Ugh. Thanks you!

    1. Hi Katie, the best help I can give is if you contact me for an appointment. 7 years is quite a long time to still have a connection with a soul mate but totally possible. Dreaming every night of them for that long is also intense. Chances are high, that he also knows, but–it is learning for you primarily as soul mates always are. Soul mates and twin flames are not one sided, generally speaking.

  15. omg…I met my “soulmate” a few days ago…we both felt it…I do energy work and I felt the energy levels rise, vibrationally, in my body…we me through Tinder of all places…the thing is, he just got divorced…with 3 kids…I am 35, never married, no kids and I have never, ever felt anything like this for someone…an intense attraction that is not really sexual…a loss for words…familiarity a deep sense of comfort and ease…
    I am confused about him being divorced though. I wish he wasn’t…otherwise he is really dreamy…and we talked about it and felt the same way…

  16. Days after I met this man, I soon started to realize that there was something else going on. We met very coincidently. If I had not been there at that exact moment and if he was not walking down that hallway, given 10 seconds on either side, we would never have met. Crazy to think. Within a day, there was butterflies, an intense energy that was radiating out of me that I could not explain and this deep, very deep connection that I have never felt before. We became lovers very quickly and I have never jumped into anything this quick. Then circumstances separated us, but we continued talking everyday, texting and oh my lord, the energy that I would feel radiating out of me just seeing his name come up on the phone. I could never get him out of my mind, like a high school crush … but worse lol. I felt this way most of the time anyway, but when we were talking, it was like I was on fire, I was shaking. It was almost too much. Then the pushing and pulling started … he can definitely be classified as a ‘runner’. He had baggage and needed to go back to his children and the mother of his children, who he left years earlier but still kept a close relationship with. He left her because the relationship was not working, but he knew deep down in his soul that he had to go back and try one more time to make it work for the sake of his children. I could tell it was his soul talking because of his eyes and the pain I saw in them. He always said to me that if it wasn’t for his children we would be together and he was fighting feelings for me. During the time he would travel long distances to see me and when we were together it was unlike anything I had ever felt. Best feeling in the world, but also unsettling. The relationship soon became very emotionally exhausting. My poor awesome friends who would listen to my cries for assistance to understand what was going on. He was no inconsistent – push/pull. On one side, I wanted him so bad it hurt but on the other side he was so emotionally draining and confusing. My entire life was thrown into left lane, even some of my religious beliefs had been brought to the surface to reconnect too because of him. He brought stuff out in me that made me question so many things. But I just couldn’t stop this high speed inevitable end. Every time I tried to say goodbye and stopped answering his phone calls/texts … because I was trying to end it peacefully he would come running back to me, upset that I would stop talking to him. In fact any time I had ever mentioned not talking ever again because we were moving in such different paths, he would freak out, not an angry freak out, just an anxiety freak out. All my friends said he was crazy, but I’m an old soul myself and I knew something else was going on. It all just didn’t add up. None of it. I just knew he was leaving and knew it would be harder to prolong the end, but yet I was so relieved when we just kept talking. I never realized how hard the pain would be once he did leave. I had no idea and I have been in long term, serious relationships before. Not even close. I do know that its unconditional love to know when its right for your soul mate to do something that they so obviously need to do to settle their own soul. I knew the Universe had paved a path for him to go back to his family, even though the relationship was not a happy one. I knew that he had to go. My soul wants that for him. Is that not pure love? But I am so hurt that he is gone. I miss him more than anything. I am quite literally suffering and this is after only 3 months. Can you believe how short of a time that is? Time does not matter I have come to realize with these kinds of connections. Wow. We also have not talked since he left, so in a way that’s the best thing for both of us. I know why he needed to cut things off with me finally, his soul must be as honest as possible with his family. That is the only way he can say he did everything and settle his own soul before moving on, or not. So this separation is destined. My oracle told me that we are destined to meet again and be together but when that happens, he does not know. I am told that the universe needs me to let him go. That this is a test for us. I had a premonition of him coming into my life too years ago. I realized that one day, like something banged me on the head. I had a flashback to the premonition of him. Weird eh? That’s why I know without a doubt that our chance first meeting was meant to happen and that he is my soul mate. Sucks that he is gone now, my heart is broken. But its sites like these, that ease it for me. If he is meant to come back, he will. If he doesn’t, then I will never forget him or the rollercoaster ride he brought me on. But I did learn some things about myself and at least one life lesson has come from this. I love him and I am trying really hard to let him go. I just wish I knew if he knew what we had. I suspect he did since he quite literally could not say goodbye to me. Strange how soul mates work eh? lol! Reading up on soul mates has been so therapeutic … its been like reading my story with this man. Its comforting to know so many have gone through what I have, in some way or another. Ok … my story is done. Well maybe lol!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment, as you say, it really helps others to know they are not alone in having these types of connections, and this definitely seems like one to me. If you need further help, don’t hesitate to contact me, I know how hard the process can be. Blessings, V

  17. The process is unbelievably hard and painful. After this experience I had to understand what happened because it was unlike anything I ever felt before. Reading all I did about soulmates and realizing I was reading exact descritptions of what I went through – push/pull … the soulmate crisis (job lost, distance became a factor), spiritual awakening triggered by him, synchronicities … the feeling like I am going nuts lol and knowing how much this has changed me. Not a little bit, but a lot … and one and on. After all is said and done, I understand it now and what his role in my life was; to awaken me and learn my life lesson. Do you think he has any recollection of what happened? He has so much baggage and I realize now how immature he is. Knowing that he was leaving, I tried cutting contact with him several times and he never could just let me go. He fought me on it every time. In fact when I mentioned our paths going in separate directions and we may not always be in contact, he had so much anxiety his voice changed. He also made a few comments about souls being connected and souls in general. Since I didn’t know what I know now, I never said anything. He is gone now, I shut down all contact because it is far too painful to keep it with him and I see him struggling to follow through with his life lesson (yes I know exactly what it is, we had many discussions about it). My question is, do you think, perhaps even subconsciously, that he feels a loss ? I’ve read that soulmates are always connected no matter where they are or no matter how much time has passed. He has a lot of baggage in his life though.

    1. Hi Ashley, I understand everything that you are saying here and it makes perfect sense when it comes to soul connections. You are not crazy. 🙂 Whether or not the other soul mate involved understands the experience has to do very much with their personal development level, and that can vary quite a bit depending on the type of connection. It can be conscious, unconscious or a little bit of both. Soul mates are not always connected in one lifetime, twin flames definitely are, but with certain flavors of soul connections the connection can release. If you need further help with this, just let me know and we can set up an appointment. Blessings on your journey, V

  18. Hi, I am not sure if I have met my twin flame but I have an engineer who I see once a year for the past 6 years. He is now about 25 years old. He is so not my type as I am chinese and have only ever married or dated chinese people. My idea of a perfect man is cute, compact about 5’7/8 and Chinese as I am only 5 ft. This engineer is English , hairy, and at least 6 ft so we are so opposite and the fact that I am 41 years of age, we have 16 years between us. Although to say, I don’t find him totally repulsive, I just usually see him and think he’s cute but never give him a second thought until recently. I do find a sense of lazy familiarity with him and I find his voice to be soothing and comforting, as I have been upgrading my equipment, I have seen him about 4 times in November and on one occasion when I was shutting the door after him, I felt an electric pulse or shock go through my body when our eyes met. I know it sounds so corny but it was really real and my soul has been in turmoil since . I realise I was living my life in grey and suddenly he has lifted the veil and I can’t stop thinking about him. I know he has feelings for me but we are both in relationships . I know my boyfriend isn’t really my soulmate but I settled for less after I divorced my husband when I was 30 and have been with my current boyfriend for 11 years. I think my husband and his brother are my soul mates to learn lessons in life together as our birthdays are freakily similar . Mine is 17/8, my ex brother in law 18/7 and my ex husband 19/6 so the dates are in ascending days and descending months. Going back to my twin flame , we have talked twice on face time and have text quite frequently this month. I have seen him an additional 2 times in December and I can see from the intensity he stares at me he seems quite besotted. He has admitted to liking me and is only staying with his ex girlfriend for christmas because of his 5 year old daughter and then he wants to move out. We have distance problems as he lives about 60 miles away so we have a date to see each other in the 1st week of January . We are different but similar and have complementary personalities. When I talk to him via FaceTime , I have a warm feeling through my stomach even though I barely know him. He has a passion for life on his areas of interest which I find admirable and interesting even though I have never tried it before. Your thoughts on this matter would be interesting as are your articles on twin flames

    1. Hi A, thank you so much for commenting on my post. Sometimes it does happen that a soul connection would feel like they are not your “type,” or you may only realize the connection later and not immediately. The energy between two people in a soul connection is very noticeable between the two and usually to anyone else nearby also. Notice how you are both “mirroring” one another here with both being in other relationships. While many of these situations are strikingly similar, every pair is different with regards to outcomes, lessons to learn, etc. If you need further help let’s set up an appointment. Blessings for a bright 2015! V

  19. Hello, thank you so much for this article. I don’t feel crazy anymore. Lol!
    I think I may have met my soul mate about 3 months ago but it feels longer. Almost as if we are picking up where we left off. What’s crazy is his eyes look familiar. I had a dream years ago about the man I was to marry and the only thing I remember from the dream is his eyes. He says he believes we were together in a past life. So things are going great, especially with him wanting to speak to my dad for his blessing in marrying me, but I have a lot of fear. The fear is causing me to pick and complain about different things he does and causing me to have trust issues. He hasn’t given me a solid reason not to trust him, I’ll just have negative thoughts about him. Is this part of the “runner”/”stayer”? Sometimes I feel like I’m going a bit crazy because its happening so fast and it seems too perfect.

    1. Hi T, you’re so welcome! That is a common response that learning about soul mates makes you feel sane 🙂 Soul connections definitely have a thing in the eyes for sure. Fear is totally normal. It also sounds like it is bringing up things in yourself that you need to work on—which is good. Use that information to work on yourself. If you need more help send me an email at and we can set up an appointment. It takes a lot of work for most soul mates to get together. Kudos to you both and blessings! -V

  20. Will we also experience a kundalini awakening with a soulmate? I thought the kundalini awakening is what differs twin flame from soulmate.

  21. A few months ago something happened to me that I can’t get out of my head. I see this guy a few times a year usually, we are not friends more like acquaintances. Anyhow on this particular occasion I was standing off to the side waiting on him to finish talking with some other people when he turned and our eyes locked. Now just to clarify I had absolutely no control over myself once this happened, it was like I was hypnotized or something. His eyes seemed to pull me in. I felt this calmness come over me like I’ve never felt before, I felt safe and peaceful. Time seemed to stop and everything around me disappeared but him and it seemed like we were staring into each other’s eyes forever. Then I felt this overwhelming urge to smile and we both smiled simultaneously which broke the spell we were under. After that I felt something come down on me like a tone of bricks. It absolutely stopped me in my tracks and out of the corner of my eye I saw him stop in his tracks as well. This euphoric feeling totally took me over. I tried to collect myself and walk over to him and I just couldn’t seem to get a handle on it. I’m not positive but I pretty sure I could sense that he was affected in the same way because when I looked up at him he reminded me of a love sick teenager. Things were so intense for me I just walked away. The next day after the euphoric feeling wore off and I had time to process it all it really freaked me out! Ever since then I can’t stop thinking about him and I don’t understand why. Can you give me any insight as to what may have happened?

    1. Hi B, thanks for your comment! Yes that is what I would call a soul connection moment of recognition. It can sometimes feel that it is descending from above energetically, and what you describe here makes perfect sense. It is some type of soul connection, for sure. If you need further help, please don’t hesitate to send me an email and we can schedule an appointment. Blessings, V

      1. Thanks so much for your reply! I’ve been feeling like I was going crazy or something so it’s comforting to know that I’m not… Lol

  22. Victoria,
    I have manifested the most amazing person into my life, but I think there is so much more to the relationship, it just feels much deeper. It’s strange, we met in the 11th month and both of our birthdays are on 7/11. When I am with her, time totally stands still. We can spend hours talking about nothing and just wrap in each others arms and just stare at each other. She is 14 years younger than I am but that doesn’t matter to either of us. We had this breathtaking, earth shattering chemistry that cannot be explained. It drives me crazy when I’m not with her and I cannot get her off my mind. Our connection was immediate and she told me that she loved me after just a few weeks. Do u think this could be my soulmate?

  23. I had a house party 2 years ago and a friend of a friend was there, I had hardly said 2 words to her before she told me she was psychic and that I was going to meet someone special in the next year. I forgot about it because I wasn’t looking at the time. A few months later I started having a very strong feeling I would be meeting someone soon (I also had 2 friends say they had a good feeling for me as well). 11 months after the psychic incident I met him. As soon as I laid eyes on him I found him ridiculously attractive and he felt like “the one” and I had a feeling he was someone special and that he would be my husband and I would have children with him. Sometimes when I would look at him I would see visions of us getting married. I had never experienced that with anyone else before. We dated but he always kept his distance, I found it hard to be close to him. 4 months later he left me because of incompatibility with our jobs. I was absolutely devistated. I had many dreams of him but 1 month later I had a dream he was staring at me in a restaurant and the next day I told my bestfriend “I think he is thinking about me”. A few hours later he called me to tell me he made a mistake but he started to have feelings for me and that he overreacted and that he was nervous about my job. However, I had already moved on as I thought all was lost and I was trying to forget about him. But I just couldn’t, and trust me, I tried. Eventually we ended up back together. Fast foward a year and he has done the SAME thing. He gave me no options to change anything and when I sent him a meaningful text he did not reply at all. I hope he realizes the mistake he has made again but he has hurt me now twice and I feel as though I have shut down my own heart because of what he has done. I think of him often but I don’t even really feel heartbreak anymore and it has only been a week. It may be because I am hoping for him to return like last time. I find no one else attractive whatsoever. I asked my friend who has had many psychic experiences and she thinks he will be back and that he is my soul mate. She got covered in goosebumps when she talked about it but I am reluctant to get my hopes up as he seemed quite sure of his decision.

    1. Hi, thanks so much for sharing and commenting! What you are talking about here is the running and chasing cycle and it is definitely a soul connection. What is beneficial here is to think about what you are learning from this. It is hard to keep your heart open and flowing when you get triggered like this. Work on clearing out the pain it causes you, which may also be connected to other issues of abandonment, for example. It is a time to heal yourself. Be in the moment. Try not to attach to outcomes. If you need further help, please let me know. Blessings, V

  24. I have, at least, half these from a person I never even got to meet. It’s still so amazing.
    Most of the noteworthy things that happened to me was a spiritual awakening, changing my career path as I realized I wasn’t living out my true life purpose and knowing I would never be the same. I’m transformed for the absolute better! And I remember thinking I was going nuts. Like how is this possible? I never met them. And the grief was strong (understatement) cause the person died a decade ago. And she’s the kind of person I’ve been wanting and patient for this entire time. It’s been since Nov 2013, and she still can’t escape my mind even if I try. I knew what was happening to me wasn’t something that happens on the norm. I still am stumped by it to this day.

    1. Yes that is totally possible, as these connections are energetic they can occur in other ways such as on-line. Good for you for listening to your soul’s guidance!! Of course there is no reason why a soul connection would end upon physical death, they transcend the body and are truly of the soul 🙂

      1. Yeah, it’s quite something. I know people tend not to take it as serious if one has never met said person. But I can confidently say 1000 percent I’ve had been impacted quite like this with any person I know. Lead it to the people I never met to trigger so many things. I don’t know if anyone have ever told you this, but in the process, I suddenly got rid of bad habits I had been tried to eliminate too. Is that something ever commonly told to you that can be justified as a symptom, too?

  25. I met a guy who I just keep bumping into (he drives a bus and I take this bus to get to work)..he had driven other buses and I’ve seen him on these lines’s weird because this is a big city and bumping into the same driver twice is very rare..anyway, he was definitely drawn to me, and I to him, he said he always noticed me and wanted to talk to me…big time attraction, and he even asked me out for coffee…BUT we are both with other people, he’s married, I’m engaged. I honestly never felt a pull like this with someone. I love my fiancee dearly, but I can’t get this guy out of my head. He says he’s not leaving his wife and kids (obviously I don’t want him to!) but I just can’t shake the feeling that he is feeling more too. He seemed very disappointed when he found out I was engaged. I can’t tell if this is a true connection or if he is just looking for a fling. We haven’t seen or spoken in almost a week and I feel something is missing..but I feel it safer to avoid him at this point…any idea if this is just an infatuation or a real soul connection?

    1. Thanks for commenting 🙂 Hard to say from what you wrote but it sounds like a soul connection to me….but remember that doesn’t mean it is going to be a relationship.

      1. thanks..I feel it is but now I haven’t spoken to him and I feel he might be avoiding me, but I think it’s best at this point. I would love to talk to you more about this…

  26. Great article! I can relate to many of what you discussed. I dated him in HS during 9th grade and I left him because he was “too nice” lol. Ever since we have always kept in touch and we moved on with other relationships. Although for many years I knew I had a powerful connection with him I was in a toxic relationship and I stayed away from him out of respect for what I had. We both ended up having kids and we would go in cycles where I would be ready and he wasn’t because of an obstacle or vise versa. Last year we both were finally single and were able to date but now we have another obstacle where his ex has been threatening to take his girls if we date as she wants him back and hates me because of what we have always had. I have felt so much pain with just the thought that we can’t be together and it hit me really hard. I lost 7 pounds in a week, became like a walking zombie, and couldn’t function at work or school. It led me to my spiritual journey to becoming enlightened and at times I feel like maybe that was the lesson. We are now friends with benefits because we just can’t stay away as hard as we try. We will not talk and then months later one of us gives in. I just don’t know if we are meant to be or not or weather to fight for it or not or move on. It’s tiresome and frustrating. I just want that fairy tale and I know we are so perfect for each other. Why would we have such an amazing chemistry and relationship if we can’t share it? 😦

    1. Thank you 🙂 To answer your question generally and not in a psychic sense, it is possible that you only experienced it for your own personal growth. Your heart of course has many answers if you look there a bit deeper 🙂 If you need help, let me know and let’s set up an appt. Thanks for commenting, V

  27. Hello Victoria!

    I found your website by doing a search on Google about twin flame recognition. Your list describes a lot of what I have been feeling over the past few month perfectly! Both the good and the bad. I am in awe. I’m so glad that I found your website!!

    1. Hi Takara 🙂 Happy to be of service and thank you for commenting! I have not updated my blog as far as the twin flame question very much as I am currently going through the process. There is a lot of overlap between soul mates and twin flames, I believe that is mostly what I have written about. There is of course a whole lot more going on in the twin flame topic. Stay tuned to hear more. If you need additional help let me know. Blessings, V

  28. Wonderful article. I can relate to most aspects. In late 2012 I fell for a guy in university, I was insanely and immediately in love with him, not the type that grows gradually. I found out through friends that he liked me too. And so I confessed my feelings and he said he likes me but he can’t do a relation. We tried being friends, I ended up ending the friendship because I wanted more. I moved and we didn’t talk for 6 months, but again when we talked it was like time had stood still and nothing channged. Again, we parted ways. I dated another guy for a year but nothing compared to what I felt for him, and after breaking up, I contacted my so called soulmate again. Again he hinted that he had feelings, we got into an argument and I thought finally it’s the end. But after a few months of non communication again we start talking. It’s not the useless kind of conversation, it’s about life and death and duties and purpose and fullfilment. My aunt just passed away and I could talk to him only about what i was going through. Truth be told I’d take him in a heartbeat if he would admit his true feelings, but he won’t. He’s told mutual friends he love(ed) me and it was a mistake turning me down, but to me all he can muster the courage to say is he misses me and wishes I was close to him..I don’t know if he’s my soulmate or if I will ever experience this again, but it’s just crazy how distance, time and arguements and ultimatums, nothing manages to stop us from getting in touch. I wish I knew what our ‘relation’ actually meant.

    1. Thank you 🙂 Sounds like a soul connection to me, but as I stress everywhere, that does not mean it is supposed to be a relationship. If I can help you out further, let me know

  29. I’m so glad I found your site! I have been wondering if I was going mad, someone else even suggested that my feelings were infatuation but honestly, it’s nothing like that. I met him 14 months ago and I remember thinking as we were talking that he was showing me his soul. I have never before felt so safe with anyone, and free to be myself without fear. He got married a few months later and since then I have been experiencing such sadness and confusion. I would chop off a limb to stop missing him! It’s so painful to know he is out there.

    I see him every few weeks and sometimes our eyes lock and I think that he feels something too. I hardly know him, we have only spoken a handful of times yet I feel him if he is nearby. I have had the sensation of “feeling” him near me when he was miles away a few times and that was a little scary. It seems like I am being shaken up and stirred around! It’s as if there is an invisible rope connecting us. And I don’t know how, but I do feel strongly this certainty that I love him unconditionally. It goes beyond anything I have ever known. At the very least, he has taught me that I don’t ever want a shallow relationship again.

    I have told myself that it’s just my ego latching onto him, that I have convinced myself he felt something for me too and that I am creating all of this in my mind out of loneliness. But actually, I’m not lonely and my life now is happier than it has ever been. I was not looking for anything when I met him and I’m not sure I’m ready for anything just now anyway, but my gosh, something within me already knows and is drawn to this person. Thank you for helping me feel less crazy and out of control!

  30. I’m so glad I happened upon your site. I, too, believe I have found my soulmate but under the strangest of circumstances. I met him while I was married to my husband almost 20 years ago. At the time, I thought he was the one of the best guys I’d ever met. I instantly wanted him to date my best friend and started on a quest to put them together. They dated for a short time. He and my husband became friends. Of course, his relationship (less than a year) with my friend didn’t last. He married twice… neither worked out. I saw him on occasion but I have to admit I was never sexually attracted to him. I do remember feeling very fond of him and when he made a stupid decision in his life…I remember …it would upset me. Really. I didn’t understand why and I would just try to ignore it. But even my husband would ask why it bothered me. I would just say “He’s such a nice guy. He knows better.”

    Now… my husband and I have been split up for about 2 years now and are getting a divorce. NOT because of this man. My husband decided to step outside of our marriage. It had not been a good relationship for 10 years. The conditions of our divorce have no bearing on where I am right now.

    Moving on…This man and I reconnected as friends because I moved into his neighborhood. But then something happened…. I noticed he acted as if he wanted something more. As we began to see each other socially, I started to feel it. I noticed the “strong pull in my chest” when he wasn’t around. I’d NEVER felt that before. There were even several occasions when we would sit for long periods of comfortable silence and I could tell what he was thinking. When I’m not with him, I don’t miss him continuously but I’ll get a sudden wave of something … where I’ll miss him so intently. I just cannot stand it. It will bring on that magnetic pull in my chest …its almost overwhelming. Its almost like I can feel him near me…. but cannot touch him.

    What’s so weird is I’m not a gushy mushy person at all. My husband used to tell me I was so cold. Now I feel so strongly toward this man. I’ve had dreams about him. I pick up the phone to call only to have him call me at the same time. He’ll show up at my door about the time I walk out. He knows what I’m thinking or how I feel when I answer the phone! His voice soothes me. The other night we were in a restaurant and spent the night just eating and talking and at one point…. it felt like we were the only ones there. We were in our own little world.

    We’ve been seeing each other for 7 months and have not had one disagreement. The one time I felt like I hurt his feelings…. I couldn’t stand it. Just thinking about him hurt about killed me. I had to make it right and right away.

    Also… whenever I feel I have something on my mind… I HAVE to tell him. No matter what it is… how vulnerable it makes me feel. Normally, I would hold that in til the cows come home but with him, I want to share EVERYTHING. We have NO secrets. He tells me he’s NEVER trusted anyone like he trusts me and I feel the same way.

    When we’re together, it’s almost like we are at peace. I was thinking the other night that I could never recall just sitting and having NOTHING on my mind. Just being happy….

    Funny thing is…my husband has always been jealous of this man. Even going so far as to tell him NOT to date HIM specifically once we broke up which I always thought was weird. Never understood it. Can other people sense connections even if you don’t right away?

    Thanks for your time!

    1. Hi ya, super cool story thanks for sharing, and nothing here is too unusual when it comes to soul connections 🙂 Can other people sense connections even if you don’t…yup…but it depends on the person and their openness level to sensing that sort of thing..usually it is not conscious for most people so they won’t understand why they feel that way as you mentioned here also. Some people are very plugged in and can tell right away. It just depends

  31. I strongly believe ive found my soulmate. We met at the lowest point of both of our lives. His babys mother left hin for his bestfriend and my husband was having an affair. When we met it was like love at first sight. We could talk and laugh about everything and we made love and i was so emotional and i felt like if i left me that night i would lose it. He didnt want to leave me and actually talked and planned on picking me up and us living our life together.and we was confused how we could fall so deeply in love so quickly and he left and that night i conceived his child.and he came back the next day apologizing and saying his babys mother came back and wants another chance and.saying shes changed. He wants to choose me cause he.said he never felt like this about anyone before and hes pulled to me like a magnet and.cant let me go but hes choosing her cause of how long they’ve been together and their kids but now i am married with his baby in my belly and he is afraid of cheating on me with her. This happened 3 days ago and he said he cant see me.anymore but. Before he left he said i may surprise you.and come back today or tomorrow. I cried.and felt like i was going to die. He stole my heart. Ive been searching for him all my life and now that i found him i.cant live without him. I believe he will choose me eventually but this hurts. His is a Virgo.Sun Cancer Moon and im a Scorpio Sun Taurus Moon.

  32. I met him unexpectedly… we knew all the same people and frequented the same places for years but somehow never met.
    The moment I met him there was a connection. at face value he wasn’t my usual type. and out of nowhere we were dating. I felt love and a connection to this man like I’d never experienced with anyone else.
    Then after about 6 months we hit a rocky stage and the relationship ended abruptly. I was devastated to the point that I didn’t even want to live. After about a month I started feeling better as I was making a conscious effort to monitor my negative thoughts and casually started meditation at home. During this time I realised the lesson was my lack of self love. out of nowhere I experienced a spiritual awakening. Bliss for about about day and then I came crashing down. A total roller coaster for a couple months. And then out of the blue he came back to me. initially things were great but then slowly my ego crept in and I once again was overtaken with the fear of losing him. The second half of our relationship lasted about 3 months, we broke up a week ago. We agreed that wer on very different paths. He Is very goal driven and due to my awakening I’m In a state of limbo…and my awakening talk eventually became unbearable for him as he doesn’t get it. And I can’t blame him or expect him to understand something of that magnitude. I now feel my second lesson is more based on codependency and being true to myself. And although we are not together, in my heart I feel It’s not over. I have no interest I the idea of other men…not because idea depressed or anything like that…but because the idea of being with anyone else feels unnatural down to my very soul.
    It’s also very odd how both breakups have almost been Identical in terms of both of our behaviour,the time frames, the sex, right down to the Ppl that enter my life at the time of our breakup.
    I have accepted the situation but he Is on my mind permanently. We’ve also always had a very strong connection…we have always been able to feel eachother and pick up on each other’s thoughts.
    This man has been my biggest bearer of lessons and a reflection of what Is need to work on… We’ve both taken the roles of runner and chaser but Is feel I currently am the chaser although I donnot act it out in my external reality. Both breakups I give him total space.
    One other thing. When we got back together a little part of me felt something was off. I asked the universe for a sign of whether or not I’m supposed to be with him. A crow for “no” and a dragonfly for “yes”. I have been presented with both on many occasions. Sometimes both on the same day. But definitely more crows than dragonflies. I’m not sure how to interpret that.

    1. Wow that is definitely an intense experience and is definitely a soul connection! I totally know what you are going through. Each situation is individual, if you would like help on it let me know and we can set up an appointment. You will definitely have to ride the wave of the spiritual awakening, that process is largely out of your hands. Do what you can to take care of yourself and center and ground as much as possible. That will help you to get through this, also research kundalini awakenings. Blessings, V

  33. I recently met this man seven years younger than me. We met at business conference and both due the same type of work helping others. When I say him i said to myself wow this guy is really cute. I am married and have two teenage boys. Unhappy marriage for many years(verbally abusive). When I met this man my husband and where living under the same roof but we’re not talking or being intimate for about 2 months. Funny thing life ! at the conference I saw this guy everyday and would want to be around him and do everything possible to get s glimpse of him. Crazy thing is I don’t due those things. Well on the last day I made sure I got on the same shuttle as he to the airport it was weird unlike me to act like a teenager(Virgo) 42 years old. Anyway I finally get to talk to him and our eyes meet instant recognition I see such sadness in his eyes and he looks at me with this look of I know you. No need for words. I told him he has nice eyes and s beautiful voice he laughs and I say I’m sorry I don’t know why I am behaving this way. In those
    Moments we talk he tells me he’s not married and has a daughter . When we go to hug goodbye as I got close to him I felt him hugging me and not wanting to let go. I felt like I was home, so safe, so happy like coming home. I feel like time stops and feel a yellow lace cord wrapped around us both. His smell , his touch, the magnetic attraction was something I have never felt before. I could feel we didn’t want to part. Well needless to say my life totally changed in a month I have lost 20 pounds. Became more confident, stronger, bolder. I am finally strong enough to change my life and confident about the future. I told my husband I have been unhappy for many years and want to get a divorce. He says he wants another chance and he’ll change he senses a change in me but I no longer want to work on it. I told him I was done. He doesn’t want to let go. I feel so alive since I met this man like I was dead and he brought me back to life. After the conference I called him once a week for 3 weeks. The last time we spoke he told me he had a girlfriend.He was always happy to hear my voice and I his. Although he sounded annoyed I called. I called him on the fourth week but he stopped answering my calls. I was sad but came to the realization I have a lot of inward healing to do. I am also so grateful to him for the experience. I think about him everyday and miss him terrible. I don’t know if I’ll ever speak to him again and it breaks my heart. He changed my life for the better. I don’t even now if he felt the same thing I did. For some reason I feel like his around me and I can still feel his essence and just the thought of his name makes my heart stop and flutter. Is he my twin flame or is this an infatuation?

    1. Definitely a soul connection, obviously one of its main reasons was to awaken you and allow you to make changes in your life. That does not make it a twin flame however. Most twin flame connections go on for years and it has to stand the test of time. Ultimately only you will know the answer to that. If this is the first time you have encountered this type of connection it is not likely to be a twin flame. And not everyone is a twin flame. If you need more help with this let me know and we can set up an appt to deal with your individual path. Blessings on your journey, V

  34. I miss him but he hasn’t spoken to me in 3 years and last time I heard I was engaged and most likely married with a child. It hurts me to my core and I find I can’t find a partner cause I’m reminded of him. But everyone says its unrequited love and that I should just marry someone that’s nice to me. I got scared recently cause I was overseas and I got evacuated from my hotel and I was scared I was going to die I also found myself bursting into tears that I’m not with him. I’m at a loss I have tried to move on I’ve been focusing on myself but some days I’m stumped and I can see his face in my head at 3am in the morning

    1. I understand. It’s a hard road for sure. One key thing to remember is always to honor your own feelings and respect where you are, sometimes others will not do this, they may try to give well meaning advice without really getting where you are. If I can help you, let’s make an appointment and I would be happy to do so. Hang in there. Compassionately, V

  35. Hi Victoria,

    I am trying to understand if I have met a soulmate?! I met this person about 1.5 years ago. Due to professional connection, none of us approached the other, until one day he decided to give me his personal number. When I first saw him, I couldn’t stop smiling the entire way home. I was having conversations with myself and even pictured an entire future with him without a single date. When he finally gave me his number and decided to meet with me, my heart was full of joy and excitement. But also fearful (may be this is too good to be true type of feeling). We went on 4 dates in 4 months. He gave lots of mixed messages. When we meet he is his charming self and and in between dates, just distant and emotionally unavailable. He told me he liked me since the first day he saw me. In September 2014 I had a dream about him, he told me “I’m sorry I am so busy with my work, but I hope to find some time for you”. It was a beautiful and peaceful dream. I understood his reasons for being busy, we went to a temple to pray etc. Our first date was in April 2015. Just last weekend he told me, “we are compatible”, “i find you attractive”, “everything you are doing for me is perfect”, but “i’m not ready to date”. His biggest reason, “I’m too busy” (my dream came true but not in the same peaceful and loving way). I feel heartbroken. He asked me to stay “friends” and wait for him until next year if I can. I’m lost and confused. I agreed to stay friends….but not sure if I can do that without wanting more. And not sure if I will even see him again. Any advise?

    1. Hi Krystal, thanks for commmenting! You have to do what you feel is right of course. If you had the signs of a soul mate then yes it is a soul mate. That does not always mean it is a relationship though as I mentioned. What differentiates a soul mate is the metaphysical connection. Feel the grief you feel. Only you can answer if you feel that you should wait, be friends or not, or continue to date yourself. You do have to respect what he said, it just depends on how you want to handle it. If you need more help let me know and we can set up an appt.

  36. Oh, so that’s what going. Man, even the occurrence of the 11:11 phenomenon, the push and pull, the spiritual awakening (for me), the sacred and intense sex, the geographical distance, the mutual and palpable attraction and chemistry that happened immediately, the way that I can almost feel him around me when he is not around and can often tell when I am on his mind, I can sometimes feel his feelings of grief sadness and confusion, even his elation and of course I feel a deep connection. Oddly, he is not spiritual at all. Even when I broke things off for a year, he was still heavy in my heart. Ever since we got back into contact the 11:11 thing has been happening with so much more frequency. I love him with out conditions, and I feel so crazy for it. I didn’t understand it, until I read your article. Thank you for bringing some clarity to my situation. I know we may not be together in this life, I’m trying to make peace with that. I really hope he doesn’t screw this up. 🙂

    1. Hi there, thanks so much for commenting and adding your story. Def sounds like a soul connection. Past lives or what I would call other timelines are very common in soul connections also. If you feel you need specific help, don’t hesitate to contact me and we can set up an appointment. Glad the info helped you! 🙂

  37. One more thing, during my spiritual awakening which was induced by a pot brownie I had a vision one of our past lives together. I assumed it was around the late 1880’s or early 1900’s. I was a slave, an African slave and he was a white man. We had somehow fallen in love and we had decided that we were going to be together and move far away so we could live in peace as husband and wife. The night we were suppose to leave together, I had been waiting and waiting in the woods for hours and he never showed up. I was heartbroken and shaking when I came to the realization. I have no idea how many lives we have shared together but I am certain of that one. It was strange because several months into meeting him, I had this slight, unwarranted feeling of anger towards him and didn’t know why until I had that vision, I just wanted to share that.

  38. Oh and last thing, he is the complete opposite of me both physically, ethnically, academically, how we were raised, and financially. We have always been blown away by how powerful our attraction is despite all of that. We have important things in common like our political stances, temperament, the way we communicate, we are both extremely creative. He is famous for creating something and I too am well on my way to fame. Thanks again for your article. ❤

  39. Mother murdered. I was Feeling very numb. The couple my sister whom I never met gave my sister a ride to my home. She drives up I run out. The driver a male gets out driver seat to let my sister out the back. At that moment I looked into his eyes. I felt my body enter his body through his eyes. Most surreal feeling ever. I blew it off. As the days went by I found myself day dreaming about this person earning more as the days went by. I had one enormous moral situation stopping me. I was married. Since the death of my mother I had anger growing inside my soul that was not fair to my husband or myself. The night my mother got murdered she called me to go watch movies with her, but my husband refused. Like a good wife I listened. Four days later I broke into the condo she was leasing and there she was. When you lose someone you can live without you need to blame someone. Human nature. I was praying twenty four hours a day asking the lord to forgive me of the anger protect me from the anger guide me through the anger and please please forgive me of the feeling that were intensifying in my soul for the unknown man. Mom murdered 9/1/98 on 2/11/98 I woke up and I told the Lord “Dear God you know what I am feeling you know the excruciating pain my soul is in, if the man in my dreams is meant to be apart of me please Lord give me some kind of sign.” 2/13/98 The mystery man that had taken a piece of my soul that one day months prior was directly in my path. I took it as a sign : been together ever since. 2/13/98 today 10/13/15. The feeling of entering his body is something I have always wondered about.what did it mean? Pls help me understand the feeling.

    1. Hi there, thank you for your comment. First, I cannot even begin to imagine how hard it is to lose a loved one in this way. My heart goes out to you. The feeling you are talking about here with a soul connection–I don’t know for sure but here is my take. The eyes are the windows of the soul and many soul connections recognize one another through the eyes. We are energetic beings, so it is very possible that you did actually energetically enter into his body. This kind of thing is not unheard of. Blessings, V

  40. This is amazing! Almost every sign connects with my situation. I’m 31 and met this guy when I was 19 just starting to date, he was 23. When we first met the connection was so intense and definitely love at first sight. Didn’t realize how special it was until years passed and I’d never felt that way about anyone else. Uncontrollable feeling, Like I’m in a daze when I’m around him.

    We’d bump into da bother once in a while do to mutual friends but never officially connected. The most recent “run in” was through Facebook and he just popped up in my search when I was looking for someone with else. Funny thing is I’d searched for him weeks prior just to say hi with no intention of anything and he didn’t pop up and then when I broke it off with someone.. There he goes!!!

    At first I was hesitant then all these feelings rushed back and I found out he’s going through a divorce.

    The oddest thing that happened was when I went to a family birthday party around the time we reconnected ( which shocked me and everyone I know because I’m a recluse and haven’t seen these people in years lol) and the location seemed so familiar but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Got home and found out it was the first place I met him !! Lol

    1. I know right?! LOL. Thanks for commenting. Yes it never ceases to amaze me how similar people’s experiences of soul connections are. I talk to a lot of people about this subject and there are always similarities. 🙂 Let me know if you need help with it. Blessings, Victoria

  41. Hi Victoria, I met a girl on a trip in August. The trip was 10 days, after day 3 we connected and realized we were the same person. We felt a pull of energy and when we left we still feel each other. We are still connected and have visited each other every month even though we live in different countries. We often wake up at the same time and text each other good morning despite time difference. We are emotionally drained and sad after leaving each other after a visit. We cannot bear to be appart and have found our lives prior to meeting to be more or less parallel. We can more or lessread each other. As we depart our lives do not function properly as we feel too sad. Yet when we are connected we need to hold each other for at least 15 minutes to feel the energy and obsorb it. The trip we went on where we met there was so many obstacles that prevented me from joining another trip that this trip was the only one I could go on. Has this all been planned and are we meant to be together forever? It has ripped me apart as I have never felt like this before and we need each other constantly. We communicate at least 19 hrs per day constantly with room to sleep none stop.

    1. Hi Kevin, thanks for commenting and reading my work. It does sound like a soul connection. It is possible that both of you are learning the lesson of independence and standing on one’s own though, be careful of any codependent tendencies. If you need specific help, let me know and we can set up an appointment.

  42. Hi I’m a Gemini I came across this website and I must say I love it. It described everything I needed to know. I was dating this Cancer male 30 years old last year for about 3 months I found out he was still seeing his ex or his girlfriend I confronted him he wanted to deny it and cut off contact with me. I then exposed him on social media and I also got in touch with his girlfriend a young 22 year old girl I’m 31 year old woman. After everything came to light I cut off all contact and disappeared. A little after that I was being somewhat stalked by him. A couple of months ago I had a dream that he invited me to his house while she was there. He was quiet while we were both in his room she was trying to get his attention and he seemed unwilling. She was saying in the dream how I wasn’t better than her and I was nobody. Then on 11/14/15 I had a dream that I was in his house and my mother was there. There were other guests too they were the younger crowd. I remember she was in the kitchen and when she saw me she avoided me like she refused to leave the kitchen the entire time I was there. I was holding a baby boy I remember telling my ex that the baby was wet and needed pampers. He runs out with a woman I didn’t recognize to buy pampers. When he returns I change the baby’s pampers and he starts to make love to my body the entire dream he was quiet. In most of the dreams I’ve had after we broke up he’s always quiet but I’m there between girlfriend and him. I see and hear his name all the time. I miss him sometimes.

  43. Hi Victoria,
    you don´t know how much you have clear my mind. I have been in a rollercoaster this past 6 years since i have met him i have been confused like hell. All points you described here fits perfectly in me.
    Thank you Thank you.
    Best wishes for you and happy thanksgiving.

      1. Every topic describes it. I had my kundalini rising earlier in January in 2009 i can´t remember if it was before i met him or after. Never felt more loved by anybody than i felt with him. We had no relashionship that time but i felt loved, it was really hard when they dismissed me from work. When we met it was an instant feeling that he was familiar to me, we stared at each other for couple of seconds since i am too shy i continued to work and noticed he continued to stare at me lol. But i felt confortable around him, instant talk and friendship. After that i´ve been through hell major life changes, loss of job, no contact with him, no direction i almost put an end to my life that year.
        After that before i contact with him again wich i had no ideia i would eventually contact him, i had a vivid dream of me and him in a restaurant and talking. Well things got complicated after that and i erased him from Fb that year. He went to a relashionship.
        Time passed and this september i add him accidentally i didin´t saw it. Since then i have been seeing his name and last name everywhere, Fb, Tv, everywhere and lots of 11. Been having vivid dreams also, mind to mind talking i am afraid if my mind is playing with me, but the talks come when i am not thinking on anything. He is in a new relashionship again since 2013 but i saw one picture of him and her i could sense he is not happy but he is afraid of hurting her wich i completely understand that. Cause she is happy i noticed.
        In August before i add him accidentally in september lol Universe playing with me lol, i went to a tarot session for the first time in years since the last session, she said i would met my soulmate the card is the Sun, she said his age, but i didin´t talked about him to her but i instantly tought about him. His age that she said applys to him.
        I see also that when he approaches me i get filtry by other mens and some people disappear. He gave me the happy birthday wishes this year i was really surprised.
        I don´t know what to think about all this. It´s been 6 years since we met, it´s been ups and downs, yet no relashionship between him and me but there is love, not an obsessed love but a soft love a love that waits for another, sets one another free to live their lessons. I prefer not entering in any relashionship with anybody, i need my moments alone i know i love him and it´s not fair to hurt any other person when loving another.
        He has his own issues but i love him that way too. I had one crazy vivid dream too, him saying to my mom it wans´t the right time.
        I guess i need to love myself more, and to trust more on myself.
        What do you think of this? Sorry for this no ending text. I tried to resume at my best.

      2. Hi there thanks for reading and commenting. Sounds like you have some soul mate signs there. If you need specific advise let me know and we can make an appointment. Blessings, v

  44. I think i met my soulmate 2014, i felt a instant connection like i knew him before and i felt very comfortable with him like i didn’t have to hide myself,when we locked eyes there was a instant spark and he seemed very familiar to me like I’ve met him before like in my dreams. I just knew he was something special like i found my soulmate, and first it scared me so ran from it cause the connection so strong and intense.

  45. Thank you so much for this article. It has been very informative, I have ticked of most of the points on your list. My question is, ” can you be interacting with your soul mate for years and not know it?”

    This has happened to me, i was in a relationship and i used talk to this guy we would have some great conversations nothing romantic on my mind. I thought he was a great guy we would meet up nothing planned every 2 to 4 months and have a good chat about general things never our love lives or anything personal. My longterm relationship ended and for over a year i had not interest in anyone did not care to start one, then i started having feelings for this person ( who is attached). I could see a vision like our spirits were reaching out to one another and that there was a merging of our spirits. My feelings were so intense, I was scared that i could feel this way about this person , i kept fighting against my feelings but to me they just wound tighter, i was in a state of panic for almost 6 months until i finally decided to just accept my feelings and stop trying to seperate. Then i was able to calm down but the connection is so strong. I never knew loving someone could be like this, when i think of him i am in a space of complete love, utter joy and peace for that moment and my face lights up with this perfect smile. I have never felt like this ever, its an amazing feeeling. When i start thinking about all the things why we cannot be together then the sadness and anger kicks in. For me the phenomenal things that has happened during this experience is that i became more intune with my spiritual self, more psychic, more visions, being able to communicate telepathically with him, i know this happens because some of the things he says to me in my head usually comes out in our conversation after. I think about him constantly, I have not really heard anyone mention this but its like when my heart beats he is in my heart beat, its like i breathe him. If i say to him in my mind that i need to seperate he shows up, so i stopped doing that. I can go on and on about the synchronicities it would make my post too long. I NEED FOR THIS TO END. Is there a way to really end it I refuse to put up with this for the rest of my life. There are no accidents , the Universe has led me to your website and has allowed me to ask this question. So there must be a way . I am tired of yearning to be with him, its like trying to hold on to air.

    1. Glad that it helped you Ivy and thanks for visiting. Yes, theoretically you could be interacting with a soul mate and not be aware of what is going on. That being said, on some level there will probably be some awareness of it. All you describe is definitely soul connection stuff. Feeling like you also want it to end is very common. However, for the most part the ego level of a person does not really have control over the connection. You can try a cord cutting meditation, but this is also painful as it accelerates the release of the feelings to clear them out. I recommend that option typically when a connection is very unhealthy. I have done it myself, but let me also say that if there is a reason for this connection that you are not currently learning and getting, there is nothing that can be done to remove it other than learning the lessons behind them. If that is done, they can dissolve on their own, or time will dissolve them, but this is only with soul connections that are not twin flames. Blessings, V

      1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your advice, my biggest problem is that i dont think i can be in another relationship if I am this engaged on so many levels with this person. I have tried the cord cutting meditation, very painful indeed and there is instant reconnecting of those cords. Can i have a successful relationship with someone else even if i have a soul connection with this man? If i even think of being with someone else it feel like i am being slammed at warp speed into a wall that won’t budge.

      2. Sure no problem. 🙂 I know the feeling–this is something that is individualized and you have to go with what you feel in your heart you should do. Sometimes it can be a good time to take a break from relationships and learn what this one is trying to show you. I don’t recommend trying to force anything that feels unnatural. It depends on what sort of soul connection you have and what you mean by “successful.” All relationships are successful as far as you getting what you need to get from them. I have found that with soul mates, yes it is very possible to have other soul mates and other types of relationships once healing has been done. Many soul mates are not for your entire life and we have many of them. It does depend on how open your heart is. With twin flames the situation is more complicated and much less up to free will. You can of course have other relationships during and after the one with your twin. But it is a common experience that either 1) those relationships are very karmic in the sense of lessons you have to complete before uniting with your twin and may involve dark interference such as psychopaths (also known as a near twin,) and 2) that no matter what you try the same issue keeps coming up for you to look at and any dating you try feels like it is deliberately blocked even if your ego wants a relationship. Meaning these do not get very far at all and seem to be stopped by the universe.

  46. Victoria, you are the first person ever to put in to words the connection I have with a certain guy spanning 30 years. We met when we were 8 and I knew at first sight we were meeting up again after a previous life together.
    Your description of a soulmate defines us perfectly. Lately I was the runner and couldn’t leave my then partner for him as I was scared he would run again and I could see I had destroyed him and he turned to date a woman he knows I cannot stand. I think it was his way of trying to hurt me back. I feel him daily and he is in my dreams but we haven’t spoken for a year and the pain is physical and immense. People say I won’t see him again but I “know” I will… Just don’t know when. It’s been like this for 30 years. We need to be together… That’s the only time we both feel at peace. I don’t believe he loves this other woman, I believe it was to hurt me and to take the easy safe route and to protect himself as he knows I’m with someone else too.
    I just need him to come back now… Can’t take the pain of him not near.
    Do they feel all this too? From what he tells me I know he feels all this but when I feel the intensity of missing him does he feel it too or am I picking up on him? I always no when he’s in trouble or low… He has been but I dare not call. 😢

    1. Hi Sophia, thanks for commenting. I definitely understand what you are going through. Generally it depends on the awareness level and consciousness level of a person how much of the connection they are aware of. So anywhere from completely aware to almost none at all. For more specific help, contact me and we can schedule a session.

  47. People get confused when they read “generalized” lists.
    The number one sign of a twin flame is first time face to face “Chakra Activation” this can include as in my case “Higher self messages”
    The number two sign is “Psychic abilities” you may have had some idea, or knew you were prior as in my case.
    The whole connection is hard!! it’s not what some make it out to be. yes there is attraction etc.
    But if you don’t experience a spiritual connection, forget it and move away from saying you have met you twin flame.
    Research what I say, I have!

  48. I believe I found my twin flame. He lives out of state and of course married. I have this deep connection that I feel like I’ve known him my entire life. He two has told me that he just felt so comfortable that he has revealed very private things that even his best friend doesn’t know. As we have talked we had very similar experiences around the same age or time’s in our life. He can sense my emotions or feelings even if he doesn’t see me and I somehow knew details of him or how he thinks or fears without him ever telling me. When we did finally meet the force was so strong it was almost scary because we immediately took to one another and we’re attracted to one another. I’ve said so many times I’m done and I can’t do this but everyday we text and it’s been a year now. We think the same and do the same things without initially knowing. We have similar interests and even the same scar on the same hand. I’ve seen him twice in the past year and I still try to figure out this intense bond we have because no one can figure out. We can talk for hours on the phone or enjoy each others company. He’s older than me by 14 years but I’m a old soul. I’ve never been one to be connected to anyone emotionally and I am certain I was meant for him and vice versa unfortunately as you stated there are obstacles. Where do you go from here?

    1. Hi Stephanie, thanks so much for reading and commenting. Usually it takes a while for someone to know for sure that they are dealing with a twin flame situation (the standard is many years.) So it is possible that it could be a soul connection of another kind, but it definitely sounds like one. Either way the point is really to learn what you need to learn about yourself from it–that is the only way twins do eventually end up coming together IF that is part of their plan. So my focus with you would be to work on what you are learning and to help you to cope with the dynamic. I recommend that we make an appt for you to deal with the specifics.

  49. Hi Victoria, i hope you can help me with this situation.
    Something strange happened to me months ago.
    I felt observed and when I turned around we locked eyes for 3-4 seconds.
    Since then we started talking.
    We’ve known for two years but we had never talked before, we never paid attention to each other before.
    Every time that i go in her city we bump into each other, i see her name everywhere and every time that we see each other we lock eyes. Sometimes she watch me from afar.
    We smile at each other very often but at the same time i feel that we are both intimidated.
    Sometimes she is super nice, sometimes she just ignores me.
    The problem is that she is 20 years older than me, 2 sons, maybe married and we can’t even be friends because we have different roles in the society. I don’t know how to get close to her, but i know that i have to be near her and when i don’t see her i feel like there’s something missing.
    I can’t describe what i felt when we locked eyes, everything else faded away in that moment, it was just me and her.
    We think the same things at the same time, we understand each other without saying anything, we just get to the same places at the same time.
    Also, after a black period, I found myself and my goals thanks to her.
    We are very similar but at the same time very different.
    I feel a connection between us, and when she looks at me I think she feels the same.
    Do you think this is a soulmate connection?
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment. Sounds like you have lots of the soul mate signs so yes. If you would like specific help, contact me and we can make an appointment. Blessings, V

      1. How does it work? It is a payable service? If so, how much does it cost?
        Thank you so much for your answer, you were very kind and helpful.

  50. Sounds very similar to what I’m experiencing at work with a girl we communicate by eyes not talking it’s strange

    I don’t know what to do as we are both in relationships but very attracted to each other

    I’m just waiting to see what happens it’s very strange and I miss her when not at work

  51. Hi Victoria – thanks for your post. Do you believe that in addition to 11:11, you may see other “signs” and synchronicities as well? I met my soulmate a bit over a year ago. Everything you listed here and more has happened. We both work in the environmental industry and literally have the exact same passions and interests and can talk for hours and hours. He is currently married, though unhappily, and he got separated late last year. He and I are also in separation since i had to leave the country about 6 months ago, but we are still in contact. Last month I got the most obvious sign from the universe that this is important, and it scared me. Right when I was starting to “let go” I received a CAPTCHA on my computer that read “(his name) come back.” That week he was talking about traveling, and wanting a sign from the universe about where he should go, and I told him to follow his heart. I didn’t show it to him then but rather a couple weeks later, jokingly, but we haven’t talked since then. I think I’ve had the hardest time with these “signs” that are WAY too obvious to be just coincidence, and everyone tells me that I’m reading into it too much, but how can you not, when something that obvious happens? And it’s probably the 100+ synchronicity that’s happened? I’ve been having a hard time trying to understand what they mean, especially this one. Does it mean don’t give up? Or is it reassurance to be patient and he will come to me when he has worked through his issues? I’m living in another country now, and I would move back if he asked me to, but I don’t think he’s in a place to be even thinking about that. We have never openly talked about our connection, but I know he is aware of it and we both underwent serious spiritual growth over the last year. I also think him not responding is a sign that he knows, and it scares him as much as it does me…

    1. Hi Michelle, thanks for your comment. Yes, the signs and synchronicities in a soul connection situation tend to be specific to the people involved, so it does not have to be 11:11. 11:11 also has other associations. You have a pretty amazing example there for sure with the CAPTCHA! That is definitely obvious. The meanings are also specific to the people involved, so you would need to feel out the meaning. There is no rule book of symbols for this LOL. And yes something like that would be enough to spark a run. If you would like to look at your situation in depth, let me know and I will schedule you for an appointment.

  52. Im 31 with 2 children… 2 girls, age 9 & 11. With a wonderful wife who I’ve loved since I first saw her in highschool… But last week I think I’ve met my soul mate for the first time in a Astral plane. I’ve done some reading, an it seems it could be possible to have more than one soul mate… I believe my current wife is one, but the connection I felt with my other soul mate in the Astral plane is far beyond this one… For example, my current wife knows of me since we met when I was 18. The soul mate I met in Astral, knew me for a very very long time… It seems beyond years when we were together, its hard to explain. I can still visualize in my mind bits an peices like as if our encounter just happened… It was a short dream… It felt very much real. Light was illuminating around us, it was very bright. As we were holding onto eachother the whole time… we had a conversation I cant really remember, like if we were catching up. I can only recall the end of it though. I cant really remember her face… But I remember she was amazingly beautiful, she was perfect. Towards the end of our intimate connection… I was devastatingly crying, I knew my time was almost up and I was about to wake up… I remember that exact moment so clearly. I said to her I didnt want to leave, how I’d rather stay there with her than to come back into my physical body… As I was in tears while holding her tight, she told me I had to go and gave me a kiss… She looked into my eyes, while her hand wipes my tears away, and told me not to worry, that we would be together again. For some reason I knew she was right. It was difficult letting her go but deep inside I knew Id see her again… As I gave her one last hug and closed my eyes. I woke up… breathing uncontrollably, almost hyperventilating, as if I was crying for a very long time… I knew it wasnt just some dream, my body, my mind, my soul reacted as though it actually happened… An for some reason, I feel as if she contacted me. She pulled me into the Astral plane somehow, because I have no idea how I got there. Im new to this Astral projection stuff, it took me a while to understand all of this an find out im not crazy… But, there’s no words to describe how pure it felt, how strong that connection was between us, how much love I felt in what little time I had with her compared to what I already experienced in life… I dont know how I met her in the Astral plane, but I’ll never forget it. I’m hoping I’ll see her again, an I hope somehow she knows that. From here on, shes always in my thoughts. Now, what are the odds this soul mate of mine is living in our physcial world… and is searching for me. Also, I’ve read it is also possible a soul mate may not be in our physical form on Earth… an is somehow waiting for us in the spiritual realm… Is this true? If so, how can I find out if my soul mate I had met is alive or not?

    1. Hi Arnold, beautiful, thank you for sharing! It could be either, existing in that realm of reality or in this dimension and that one at the same time. I suggest trying to tap in to your intuition in a meditation and see if you can tell if she is here or not, but, if you are meant to have this experience in the future it will happen. Process the experience for what it is to you in the now. And should things continue to happen, let me know if you need help and we can schedule an appointment.

  53. I met my twin flame when he came through the door of my business and I felt like I got struck by a bolt of lightning that traveled from my head to my toes. It was nothing I ever experienced before. We became lovers a month later. We texted and emailed non stop every day…beautiful poetry came my way. We were really happy for about a year.
    Then his ex wife wreaked havoc on our lives in every nasty way you could imagine. It created so much turmoil for us but we stuck it out. But it changed us. We had dealt with this ex for a couple more years of nastiness and the anger and frustration we had ended up hurting us. We broke up for a couple months. Then his father tragically died and my twin flame seemed so angry and defeated and our household became toxic with depression from both of us. One day 3 months ago I had a crisis and he didn’t seem to care to help me…he wasn’t the same man anymore- who would drop everything for anyone and help them out in any way.
    Except he treated me like an inconvenience, a burden. A week later he just said “we cant fix this and he wanted out” he up and left the next day. Our love was so powerful and beautiful. I know the tragedies he endured has changed everything about him.
    I never loved anyone so strongly and passionately before and it’s killing me to be away from him. I know he is hurting too. I know time alone might help him heal but I just feel so lost and empty. He was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I can’t imagine anyone else in my life…he consumes every thought. I know our type of connection i will never find with anyone else. I pray for him several times a day. But maybe the damage is too deep to repair.

    1. Paula, my heart goes out to you. A soul connection, and especially a twin flame, is one of the most beautiful and difficult life experiences that one can have. Especially in twin flame situations, there is tendency for outside disruptor energies to attempt to derail the union. One thing I can say with absolute certainty is that every experience flames have is for their betterment and for the betterment of the union. Even though many times it may not appear to be that on the surface. The best advice, while sending supportive energy to him, is to as much as possible keep the focus on you. Learning how to fill up any empty buckets on your own. There is always hope for healing, as long as anyone is breathing LOL 🙂 If you need more help, please contact me and we can set up an appointment. Blessings, V

  54. Hi victoria

    I hope that you can email me an answer for my experience. It is driving me nuts . I am a friendly person and have no problems meeting new people but a couple of weeks ago i met someone and a unexplainable feeling came over me . Like my body had hit a brick wall and a huge magnet was drawing me to this person . I haven’t even spoke to this person much . Its weird i cant look at his eyes without my breath been taken from me .
    Now i cant stop thinking of them . Do you think they felt it too . To me it was the strongest force ive ever felt in my life . I didn’t feel anything like this toward my husband and now i find myself daydreaming that when my husband goes I’ll be with him .

    1. Hi Fiona, thanks for commenting. It sounds like a soul mate connection of some kind. Hard to say if they felt it too but usually it is the case. If you need help with your specific situation, let me know and we can make an appt. Blessings, V

  55. I met this guy over a year ago. No physical contact what so ever just eye contact. He awakened my heart charka in which I had no idea about. I didnt know what was going on. It started off as flutters and then turned into orgasmic feeling in the heart charka either everytime I thought of him or he would pop up in my head with my heart going estatic. So with no idea of what was going on I searched online and came across twin flames. I didnt believe it, I still dont. But I feel like im going crazy. I cant get him out of my head and im at a point where I have had enough. I tell myself to walk away and as soon as I try I hear “I love you” and feel his presence. I see certain images that im not even thinking about of him giving or doing things and my heart is estatic over it. My mind is fighting it, which makes me in a confused state. Not knowing what to do or where to go from here. Im now at a point where I can say “I love me, I am love”And feel it in my heart. I been getting numbers for a while. Double, mirriored numbers. Once when I tried to walk away. I got numbers everywhere I went and of course he came through. It got so bad with the numbers I started getting scared of them. My eyes would just stare at them and it was like my own soul was forcing its way through my mind, telling me to walk away, my mind would say walk away but my soul is throwing these double triple quadruple numbers from everywhere. I dont know what to do with this. Iv changed considerably over this time with things iv love doing now that I didnt even comprehend doing 2 years ago. I play the guitar now, and really good at it, I love gardens/plants. And feel the connection with my dog and my baby girl and of course myself. I think differently. If I come across negative people I tell myself to let them be, they will learn in time and forgive them for there hash words aimed at me. My nephew passed away recently and I can feel his mothers pain at a soul level its not my pain. I only feel it when im with her. Im not hurting for him because I know hes ok and happy. Everytime we connect(well when I think of him) I get a feeling of, iv been with him before. I hardly know the guy. I keep telling my self its just an obsession, or its punishment for looking for love outside of myself. As much as iv changed, as much love I have gained now im still confused as to why this happened. I understand its a gift. I understand I should appreciate which I do. I just dont understand why. Im now in a mindframe that im ok if Im alone. Im ok with it just being me and my kids. Im ok with not being in a sexual relationship with anyone. But I have dreams of being with other men but I think its him but it doesnt look anything like him, and wake up feeling like im only ever going to want him. So from those dreams im a little frightened with. What about when my kids grow and gain there own lives. What then? Am I going to feel like this for the rest of my life? Am I always going to be wanting him? Theres my why, why does this all happen. I know about the higher self and its gift but I dont understand why. I was in a happy relationship with my ex, I was appreciative of him. I ( well I thought I did) loved him to bits. There was no one else out there for me, only my ex. I was fully devoted to my ex. Then this guy comes along and just turns everything upside down. I no longer want my ex. Im not even the slightest attracted to him any more. We just split up, well still in the process. Because I dont love him and letting him go to be with someone that can love him. I dont really care if me n this other guy are going to be together but is there going to be a point where I can move on? Is there going to be a point where I am going to be attracted to someone else?

    1. Hi there, definitely sounds like a soul connection situation to me. It depends on what kind it is if it is ever going to go away. Most likely it will. If it is a twin it will not, at least not permanently, but I would need to hear a lot more before I would say that and I don’t say that lightly. So chances are it is a heart center awakening experience. I recommend that you get in touch with me if you would like detailed help and we can set up an appointment. I feel ya. Blessings, V

  56. I remember it was my first day on the job, and here comes this guy strolling past me. Suddenly, I felt an instant connection with this guy the moment I saw him. It was the first time that’s ever happened to me. It’s unexplainable. I was interested in him and wanted to know who he was. I knew nothing about him. I didn’t even know his name. He was a complete stranger, but I felt like I knew him, like I could read into his soul almost. It was like I knew his life without us ever exchanging words. Months had past and we barely had exchanged words. He was actually kind of rude to me for the most part lol, but even so I saw it as a challenge. I had to get closer to him. Something inside of me was telling me not to give up. I knew that his attitude towards me had nothing to do with me, but it was a personal issue that he was dealing with inside himself. I had a dream about him one night that they would be transferring him departments at my job and I would only occasionally see him. Three days later he was transferred to a different department. I was so sad, but who knew that him being transferred would lead to something better. He was finally able to open up to me. I threw a party on new years eve and he stayed after everyone had left. I was so surprised, but happy of course. He starts talking to me and tells me how he’s been interested in me for a long time and he’s been afraid to say anything because he felt he would have a strong connection with me and he couldn’t handle losing something like that. He also didn’t like the idea of being with someone he worked with because of something that happened in the past. We talked until the sun came up. He said that he didn’t understand why he was so comfortable opening up to me. The connection was so real that night. I never wanted it to end. He has a lot of emotional baggage from past relationships that he’s still dealing with so it ended with him telling me that he’s not ready to be with me because hes not the man he knows I deserve yet. I was sad but I understood. Ive had feelings for him for 2 years and I pretty much love him now and I can’t stop. I’ve never been someone who doesn’t know how to let go and move on. I did it with ease with every guy from my past, but I can’t seem to shake this one. I know in my heart that no matter who I date it won’t feel right. I won’t feel completele. He makes up for the qualities I lack and vice versa. Even if we lost contact the connection would stI’ll be there. Sometimes I feel what he’s feeling and knows what he’s thinking. We even say things at the same time occasionally lol. Our viewpoints on life is the same and we have lots of similar interest. We’re both good singers, pretty amazing artists, and love being poetic. I honestly rather be single than be with anyone else because I know I could never give them what I would give him.

    1. Hi Layla, love that name by the way! Thanks for commenting. I know exactly how you feel 🙂 All soul connection stuff there. But it sounds like you are being healthy about it. If you need help with it, let me know and we can set up an appointment. Blessings, V

  57. Hi, I met my soul contraction at my old job. From the first day we was like a magnet looking deep into eyes unspoken words but we new there was something deep between us. We never really talk much just used and eyes and body’s to do the talking for us. The energy was so intense we could not handle it at time but we did. When he moved away his last two weeks kill us both he push me away but I would see tears in his eye’s he love me. We have not talk in the years some time I feel him think of me my soul with start to vibrate or I see his name in three’s. I want to a psychpsychic she said there is spiritual energy between us. He does think of me. See pop up in my dreams once in a while no matter what I’m dreaming just to see me. I do love him dearly and miss him have tried to move on but when I think he gone out my mind and heart the sign get stronger and overwhelming at times. Am I going crazy??

    1. Nope, sounds like typical soul connection stuff to me. Definitely not crazy. If you need help with it let me know and we can set up an appointment. Blessings, V

  58. I really need advice… I have loved the same guy since I was a freshman in high school and it’s been four years since I met him. We have broken each other’s hearts many times, but always somehow end up coming back to each other. He always says he missed me the whole time. I can never fully get over him and sometimes I have episodes where I feel like the heartbreak is fresh. We both are in relationships but I always find myself longing to be with him again. The feeling I get when I’m with him is like nothing I can explain. Should I try to move on? What do I do.. Because I genuinely feel like I’m supposed to spend all my days with him.

    1. Thanks for reading my blog Macy! My advice without tuning in here intuitively is you need to speak with him about how you are feeling if you are not. And give thought to the current relationship you are in and why you are in it. If you would like me to tune in for you and help that way, let me know and we can set up an appointment.

  59. Hi. I have a situation where simce elementary school i met someone i really liked throughout all my school years we held hands kissed but never hade a relationship. at one time he told a friend of mine that i was different he knew how muched like him cuz i always told him.. Fast forward.. I had dreams and hes popped into my thoughts over the years but about six months ago i thought of him out of the blue and since then he is in my head everyday all day even when i think he isnt i realize he is in the back of my mind. I realized now it wasnt just a crush i habe so mich love for him and miss him so much theres days where out of nowhere i cry for him but other days i feel an amazing love in my chest i had even started meditation just to feel closer to him i even get chills down my body when thinking of him like now just writing this i know this may be weird but even felt sexual energy without thoughts or anything but never come to climax… Now awful part i am in a relationship i learned he is married i havent seen or spoken to him in fifteen years so why all of a sudden this has happened! Im lost in it because i dont know if hes thought about me at all or am i alone in this feeling im hiding. Its even led me to spiritual awakening which i didnt even know about which is facinating. Downfall im afraid im sabatoging my current relationship for something that might just be in my head! I cant even be intimate with my partner because i feel im betraying someone i dont even know anymore. What do i do? Also i started seeing the number eight everywhere i learned what i means but also whats crazy is his bday is 5/3 mine is 5/13 which equals 8 and 18 i also figured out his life pathe number is 8 csn this mean something?

    1. Hi there, yes it sounds like you are having a soul mate experience for sure. The most useful way of looking at it is trying to determine what you are trying to learn from it. Not all soul mates are supposed to be together in a relationship. Not saying that is the case for you of course. I would need to take a deeper look for you, but happy to help if you would like to set up an appointment.

  60. Hi! I’m Maricar, I always feel confused about this guy that I really like, he always makes me surprise of how his and my experiences have in common.. His likes and dislikes are same as mine too. Actually all the list i want to my ideal guy, also defines him and it makes me go crazy. I also dreamed of him once that he hold my hand and I really feel the warmth of it and feels real when i woke up. Actually his a kpop idol and although i like many kpop idols but when it comes to him, I can’t explain this feeling i feel for him and how it affects me so much. When I first saw him, theirs something deep inside of me that says; “his the one” and it’s weird.

    1. Sounds like soul mate stuff 🙂 I would advise you to check out his life story and see what you can learn from that. For more help contact me and make an appointment and I would be happy to help you 🙂

  61. I’ve just been awakened by my twin flame online.We’ve been writing poetry to each other for some time now.He helped me wake up – only for us to figure out we’re twin flames…Ive remembered past lives –
    Pyramids and all.
    We’ve been in sync with each other – numbers have something to do with it.But not just online,we even have similar life stories that match,it’s been scary but I wouldn’t take back what I’ve learned.All the evidence is on my Facebook…not all on public obviously.
    I put all my first lot of poems together starting from the beginning – and it tells a story 🙂
    It starts with Einstein – and ends with Einstein 🙂
    Thanks for your article 🙂

  62. I found this man about whom u feel every possible thing about twin flame and not a single clause misses out but we r not in terms. Suddenly one night I started dreaming about him and this continued for a year. At that time I was not even interested or even connected to him. Then I started speaking and he too maintained. He is a spiritual person and he can dwell into minds. I always felt it wasn’t only me. Then I got proofs but we had a fight. He has a lot of ego, like you said. He & me are sometimes connected through weird stuffs like telepathy, dreams, sometimes he comes off to place where I am without even knowing in reality, mental messages and more. But we r not together right now. Though I feel he can’t leave my aura even of he is not talking practically. He really doesn’t let me go to anyone else. Even I can’t take off him and move on and neither I want to I am happy I found my twin flame. I learnt a lot of lessons after coming in terms with him. And i am sure he is the one i waited for. When i started seeing visions of me and him and after some more events I was suresure he is the one. I am still sure. why should I compromise or go to someone else for a worldly pleasure? But I really really miss him a lot. I feel like not wasting a single moment without him. All of your points match exactly. Like my friends do, I don’t have any lust towards him or others. I thought it’s not normal, but then I realised I do want him romantically but it feels sacred not lustful. I also went through and still going through huge changes after his coming into my life. I just hope he ends this soon and accept the reality. He was married but then he couldn’t stay with her. Now I know why. The only thing is he is older to me, like I am not sure but may be 15 years. It really doesn’t matter to me. Nothing does, it’s just him that does. Even if I try to run away I can’t. I have given up on running now. I just want to spend the leftover time of this life with him and evolve our souls.

    1. I totally understand everything you are saying and my heart goes out to you! If I can help you further just let me know and we can set up an appointment. Blessings to you! Victoria

  63. Hi,

    I am in undoubtably the worst predicament of my life. I met my twin flame about 7 months ago randomly while in a relationship with another woman. Once me and my twin realized what we had together and what we were to eachother, I made the decision to break it off with my then current girlfriend. The day that I told her that we had to break off the relationship, she told me after that she had become pregnant. Hard as it was I had to follow my heart and work out a co-parenting situation. That was 7 months ago, 5 weeks ago my son was born extremely premature at only 25 weeks and will be in the NICU until October.

    The situation ripped me away from my love, it’s a situation that happened abruptly and was a scenario that had not been planned for. Both me and my love feel guilty about our relationship and tried to end it, we can’t though.

    What we have is truly amazing, aside from being almost 100% on your list above, all of our shakras activate when we get close to eachother or even just hold hands. When we lie together it is the most comfortable old feeling, lying there together we feel like the universe is spinning around us.

    Our life paths are all so similar, it’s really like we are the same spirit in 2 different bodies.

    I don’t dislike the mother of my child , I care deeply for her and of course I want the best for my son. My mind is going crazy, spinning around looking for a solution, bouncing around from social pressures, to ethics and to what I feel inside. It is a situation I hope no one else has to go through ever ever ever….

    1. Hi there, wow yes obviously this is very challenging, these connections usually are, they push us to our highest growth and evolution. Trust what is in your heart as the right thing to do, not what is in your mind. Love asks us to always do what is most loving for ourselves and others and an act of love can be hard to decide on, but always the right thing to do. If you need more help let me know and we can set up an appointment. Blessings, Victoria

  64. I can’t believe how true this is ! I met someone much younger to me from a different continent for less than a day . There was attraction but nothing happened since I was already in a relationship. A week later, I walked out of my 8 year relationship owing to the fact that I just couldn’t get this stranger out of my head. There is no response from his side but I kept feeling I would meet him again. Its been 6 months and it hurts to be apart from a person whom I do not know and for whom I don’t even exist anymore. So I wanted a sign . And repeatedly for some reason I came across the name of his city multiple times in a day for days. A collegue would be visiting from that city, a collegue would be wanting my advise on that city, the job I would get would be from a person from that city it just won’t stop! i even dreamt of him twice. the general tone being , he being with me but i am the one who is caring and doing everything for him without any expectations from him. this was driving me crazy. I booked my tickets. I hope magic happens. atleast I need to know why this is happening to me so I have crossing the seas in hopes of seeing him again.

    1. I have had a very similar experience 🙂 It is amazing what our soul connections teach us in a very short period of time, what would take many years to learn. If you need more help, let me know. Blessings, V

  65. i was dreaming about a man who seem familiar to me, he give me a code 15/16 …..
    my birthday is 01 /10 /1996 and his dob is 05/06/1996
    1 week i was dreaming about him… one day i was dreaming that he told me he will come to meet him… when i woke up.. i was feeling really happy i know the right one will appear… in the afternoon i was going shopping.. i have lost my way. when i was crossing the road i have seen a car of a childhood friend.. i was shocked,i ask myself what is this person doing here? as if he has fall out of the sky.. i was trying to hide away from him… when he come near me our eyes locked at the same time,his eyes and face look similar to the guy in my dream.. i was happy,exited,joy feeling
    i thought it was an accident …this day was a great surprise for me

    1. Thanks Bella for your comment. It is very common for soul connections of all types to have dreams that announce their arrival in your life. You start to find out there are no accidents but just a lot of synchronicity! Blessings, V

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