I am happy to answer general questions on my blog, website, social media, via phone, or by email as time permits about anything in my area of expertise.  If your question is specifically personal and about your situation, or it requires that I tune in to give you an intuitive answer, please make an appointment.  I may also ask you to make an appointment if my schedule doesn’t allow for in-depth replies.  Please be patient with your requests, I am always busy but I will get back to you.  Thanks loves 🙂

Psychic/Mediumship Reading

Includes all general life questions, connecting with loved ones and pets who have passed, and all soul mate and twin flame relationship readings/counseling.   Available in person, via phone, Skype, and email.

15 mins (ONE burning question or quick checkins via email or phone) $30 (or pro-rated for existing clients)

30 mins $65

60 mins $100

120 mins (pre-pay for extra time you anticipate needing later and receive a 20% discount) $160

Frequent Client Retainer Program–If you are a regular client who speaks to me on a frequent basis (at least once a month) you are eligible for this program which gives you a 20% discount for pre-paid reading time in hour long increments, and priority handling and scheduling, which is great for emergencies if you are going through a difficult time! Contact me about this program to see if you qualify!

Private Mentoring in Psychic/Mediumship Development

Individualized and personalized instruction for children and adults. Includes coaching in-between sessions via email and phone as issues arise. Includes all course materials except for one required book.  Works specifically on your goals for development and your personal level of ability (includes ability assessment and goal development,) beginning through advanced.  I have students who apply their ability to artwork, healing work, traditional counseling work, to business applications, and those who wish to become a professional psychic or medium.  Recommended once a month. My teaching approach involves practice readings.  Applicable to those who want to develop for themselves or for helping others. Available in person, via phone, and Skype.

My approach with children is to help them and their parents to understand and manage their child’s ability and is psychologically tailored to their age and is developmentally appropriate and on a level they can understand.

60 mins (only for children ages 7 to 17.) $50

90 mins (adults) $75

4 month package (90 mins once a month at a 10% discount) Helpful to fine tune a specific aspect of ability. $270

9 month package (90 mins once a month at a 20% discount) We can acheive most of your personal development goals in this amount of time. You will receive a certificate for completing this program in its entirety.  $540

Spiritual Path Coaching

Includes things like meditation guidance, coaching and instruction, counseling on finding and maintaining a spiritual path and/or practices, assistance for those in a spiritual awakening/emergency, understanding the highly sensitive person, help for kundalini awakening, counseling on paranormal experiences. This is a version of counseling/coaching on spiritual topics, and is not a reading.  Available in person, via phone, and Skype.

30 mins $55

60 mins $80

3 month package (60 mins once a month at a 10% discount)–Helpful for short-term issues and/or is the ideal amount of time needed to really integrate a new spiritual practice in your life! $215

Guided Meditation Sessions

Custom designed guided and recorded meditations. Come in to my office to receive the full experience, but I can also record it for you and send electronically.  Some examples:  meditations for connecting with your guides, for chakra clearing and balancing, for stress reduction and relaxation, for healing a specific issue, cord cutting and releasing meditations.  Available in person and also sent as a recording.

30 mins $35

Package of 2 (30 min) meditations $60

Reiki Sessions

Reiki is a Japanese form of hands on (light touch and/or no touch) energy healing that works on deep levels of the energy body to release blockages, and create space for mental, physical, emotional, etheric, and spiritual healing to occur.  I have been a practitioner of the Usui Reiki Tradition since 2009. My reiki master teacher is David Troutman, who has been practicing and studying reiki for over 30 years and is in a direct lineage to Hawayo Takata and the Usui Reiki Tradition. In-person reiki is done on a heated massage table in my office which is a tranquil and deeply relaxing spa-like environment to create the optimal healing conditions. It is doubly accentuated by the Amethyst Bio Mat.  Many people spend the money just to lay on a Bio Mat as it is powerful on its own, so you are really getting the best of all worlds by coming in to the office.

Distance Reiki

Reiki healing energy, like most energetic services and spiritual abilities, transcends the normal limitations of time and space in our 3D reality.  This is the scientific principle of non-locality.  After practicing reiki for close to 7 years, both in person and via distance, I am now offering professional distance reiki.  You do not need to be tuned-in at the time that I send this energy to you in order to receive its benefits, but if you want to be, let me know.  I sit in a meditation and send this energy to you.

15 mins $15

30 mins $30

45 mins $45

60 mins $60


Group parties and private events

All of my services are available for private parties and events within 1 hour of Pittsburgh, or may be held in my office to eliminate my travel costs (charged based on location for all events and integrated into the reading rate.) Generally for psychic parties/events, I require a minimum of 5 participants and a maximum of 14, not including the host.  Readings are available in 15 to 30 minute increments.  The organizer of the party receives a free reading for gathering the participants. All readings are done privately.  I do not do “gallery” style readings.  Each person can pay for their own reading or the organizer can pay for each person.

If you would like me to be a reader for your event that is not solely and specifically a psychic party, and you cannot guarantee at least 5 readings,  my regular hourly fee applies, and I will do short 15 minute readings for those in attendance privately (I do not do “gallery” style readings or readings shorter than 15 minutes.)  Additional may be charged depending on the number of people expected to participate and a travel fee also applies depending on location.

Consider coming to my office for an awesome combination of reiki healing, guided group meditation, and personal readings.  🙂

Please contact me to make arrangements for your event! Depending on the type of event a non-refundable deposit may be required.

I also provide the following services:

  • Teacher/Workshop Leader. I am always regularly teaching on-line or in person. If you would like me to teach a class for your group, location, or website, contact me.
  • Lecturer/Public Speaker.  In some circumstances I am happy to speak to your group for free. Contact me for more info.
  • Corporate and non-profit wellness programs. I can consult with you to construct a wellness program, meditation class or program, for any organization. Contact me for consulting fees, and class or workshop fees.
  • Home/office space clearing and blessings.  Travel to location of your choice within 1 hr of Pittsburgh, fee depends on location, contact me.
  • Volunteering for missing persons work.  A community service performed for free.

As a full time professional in the field for almost 9 years, I do not work for free or generally barter services.  NEW clients via phone or Skype must pay for their sessions in advance of their appointment, generally via Paypal, or their appointment time will not be confirmed.  I am very flexible with those who need arrangements, payment plans are available for all services, please contact me for additional info, you may also submit your request below.

Please double check your email address, make sure it is correct or I will not be able to contact you!


Vision and Values

My role as a psychic medium and intuitive counselor is a guide, to enable clients to understand the circumstances currently affecting their lives so they can be empowered to co-create their lives in concert with their intuition and their own divine, inner nature.  The events of a lifetime include aspects beyond the control of our egos, in addition to defining moments of choice.  How we respond to these elements determines the course of our lives, ideally, we always have the power of free will.  I affirm and empower my clients to act as co-creators with the divine, to achieve greater alignment with and acceptance of their potential and purpose–their own unique and beneficial place in the larger, dynamic play of life.  I often act as a mirror, reflecting the life of the client back to them so that they can discover clarity, heal themselves, and discover their own sense of faith, hope, and love in their lives.  As someone who lives by her intuition, I serve as a role model and an aide for those who wish to be in touch with their own, divinely-given, inner guidance system.  This is a gift inherent in everyone, and can be developed and taught and I encourage and teach my clients to develop and use their own gifts.

Each session with clients is created in sacred space, as a place of compassion, connection, healing, and respect.  A session will tend to confirm and validate a client’s own intuition, although it is honest and direct. It is intended to be hopeful, encouraging, inspirational, supportive, and clarifying.  Sessions tend to focus on areas for self-growth and spiritual growth, and psychological challenges, opportunities, and patterns are typically discussed.  A session is simply a deeper look at self, and the ways in which you are asked to grow. Combined with spiritual counseling , my work provides knowledge about the spiritual path, and the support and practical suggestions needed to make changes in beliefs, thoughts, patterns, and actions.

Ethical Guidelines

  • I highly value and respect confidentially, and never share the contents of a session with anyone without written permission from clients.
  • I do not give my personal opinions in sessions.  I maintain that my information is guided by intuition.  In the spiritual counseling and life coaching aspects of my sessions, my intention is to act as a guide, but I do not and will not make choices for the client and I do not pass judgment on the client’s life choices nor discriminate based upon those choices.
  • I strive to maintain an attitude of openness and transparency about all aspects of my work—my policies, pricing, philosophy, and the means by which I do my work. My sessions are interactive and clients may ask questions before, during and after a session.
  • I am honest and truthful with my clients and do not tell them what they want to hear, but what I am guided to say as a matter of integrity.
  • I will never pressure my clients to do anything, including purchasing any additional services from me.
  • I do not provide legal, medical or psychological services that I am unqualified to provide.

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  1. I need to know more about astral projection and soul mates I dreamed about my soul mate about a month month an a half ago and I believe I have meet him he fits everything in my dream from the looks, to the part having to do with the military I know how I feel inside but I’m married in the process of a divorce so I have a lot on my plate can u help

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