Attacks on the light: twin flames and lightworkers

As part of the energy of awakening, which is kundalini…there are many tests on the journey, and the journey is often long.

Many of us have felt, at least in the US, with the elections that we have been plunged to another level of darkness.  This is not untrue, but darkness is usually not what it seems at first, darkness is a mask for light, or the way for the light to enter you.

Love has not forsaken us.  For love is what we are.  But yes, we are challenged.  But we have to have the faith to succeed.

As Vanessa says in Penny Dreadful, “Beloved, know your master.”  The Master is love.  The Master is what we are here to master.

Over the course of several years now of my awakening, I have been accompanied by the dark.  So has my entire soul family. It comes in different forms.  The most dangerous has been the temptation of those who masquerade as the light but are not of the light.  In varying degrees in my soul group to various temptations of addictions, self hatreds, denial of the self as a lightworker, what can only be said is demonic types of interference.

Members of my soul group have watched loved ones die in their arms, friends become possessed, pets die, demons chasing them in dreams and visions, some type of reptilian implants manipulating dream states, attacks when they have been down on the floor, just as they are ready to rise.

Me included.  Previous to this I had met the darkness in a more limited form.  But it all began with elements of narcissism and psychopathy that attempt to destroy the ability to love from the soul.

Since then I have heard about and witnessed attempts of incredible darkness to engulf the light.

The men of my soul group are waking up, attempting to grasp their true identity, their purpose, their inner divinity, their balancing of the masculine and feminine.  They have been stalked all their lives by the dark.  They have given in, here and there, but they are waking now.  And it seems the darkness threatens to consume them at times.

The dark is the Father of Lies.  Whether it is parts of the inner shadow, likely as yet unhealed, or, a collective darkness that works against the light, really doesn’t matter, as we all have to face the shadow in ourselves.  Love the dark spaces, perhaps in order to end these tests.

The dark has come to me recently with mimicry.  What is fake, what is imposterous, something the steals the face of what I love, drenches it in the dark, calls me to it, in the name of stealing energy and life force.

No more can any of us afford to consider the darkness a mere shadow, not with the reality that those who are tested get to know.  It is real.  It preys on weakness and feeds on what has not been sent into the light.

It promises faulty things that are not real but appear to be so, or, it denigrates what is real in the name of what is false.

We are living in times that require deep intuition and discernment.  Shadows have been cast everywhere appearing as the light.  The strategy has always been to divide us.  To not allow love to live by lying.

But the truth is more beautiful than this.  Light workers and twin flames are here to re-write the script, but it is apparent that the ego script will not go quietly.

We officially do not fit into this world anymore.  We are here to remake it.  In the image of love, and only love.

In a time of temptation, false prophets, egoic teachers, corruption wherever the ego takes hold.

I take this very seriously.  I know that my soul group will stand and I will stand with them in the light.  I know that many other light worker soul groups and twin flames are also undergoing these attacks and trials.  This is the worst I have seen it.

Sometimes I don’t know how we all withstand it, to be quite honest.

We must see things as they are, whether we like them or not.  And in looking these demons in the face, we will be free of them.

Now is not a time to fear.  It is a time to be strong, to be true.  One thing is for sure and the truth is certain, and that is love.  When we go within that is what we find.  The father of lies cannot cover love.  It shines through everything.

We must strive for ever deeper understanding and love, for many things are not what they appear.  We have to stay grounded, in our Spirit and in the Truth. And we have to be viligant.  This is not a message of fear.  For what is spread by the dark is a lie.  You are a divine being.  Many of us have very important missions here and we have to believe we are divine beings to succeed.

The tools of strength have to be developed from within.  And as we stand in the truth, we inspire others to do so.  It is essential.

Do not allow these attacks to sway you from the truth of who you really are.  Do not listen to lies.  Demand integrity and authenticity from yourself and from all in your circle.  Those who are not on your side will not withstand the tests, they will simply drop out of your life.

We cannot allow negative entities, interference, and the dark to feed our egos to turn against one another.  Whatever is your weakness and greatest fear and even a replica of your greatest love will be used against you.  That is why healing is paramount right now.  First and foremost, heal yourself, so there is little for the dark to hook into.

Nurture and love your own life force, protect it as if your life depends on it, because it does.  And with that your ability to help many people who will come to you for help.

Don’t allow a naive nature to rule you now.  You will be taken for a ride.  A costly ride.

Ground yourself firmly in God and Spirit and in the Light.  As in many ways we are asked to choose sides.  Love or hate.  Fear or Love.

Your life will grow or shrink according to your choice.  It cannot be based on the noise outside of you, but the truth everlasting in your heart.

These trials make us strong, make us more of who and what we are.  That is the purpose.

We have to stand strong together now and reconnect deep within.Fearlessly as light warriors.

I am doing this to the best of my ability now.  I am learning what I can to help those in my soul family and all others who come to me for help.  Not a task  I would have thought was coming, but one that I accept.

If you are in need of help from these attacks I will have a modality to offer many of you soon.  This is new territory for me but I have been tasked to help lead with this.

Center in your hearts, keep love in your sights, practice diligently and never stray one inch from the goal of love.  We were made for this.  And we will succeed.

Truths about the Twin Flame Journey

The twin flame journey is ineffable, fundamentally indescribable, a zone that is hard to put words to.  It is sublime, even though many of the world’s great love stories are based upon it, those myths and archetypes are bits and pieces of floating ephemera in comparison to the real thing.  You only know it when you are in it, and you only see it in others when you have witnessed it in yourself.

I don’t mean this in a romantic love story kind of way.  No, it is beyond.  Take whatever you know about love, and the twin flame experience is still further beyond comprehension.

Take your current limitations and declarations of “I can’t” and smash them up against the wall.  Take your understanding of the time space continuum and the beliefs about how your world operates and what you think is possible and trash them.

When you see the truth of what twin flame love is, it is like Paul being struck off his horse by the bolt of God. Imagine that light of truth striking you in the face, surrounding you and infusing you with a kundalini transformation.  That is how Saul became Paul, and every Saul twin flame will become Paul.  It is only a matter of time.

The truth is it is the most mystical, frightening, amazing AND hardest connection you will ever have.  You will be pushed beyond any limitation you have constructed in your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies.

There is no “I can’t.”  And that is the truth about the words, like unconditional love, that we throw around.

It will require you to be utterly alone, digging into the recesses of your unconsciousness for clues to heal yourself.  It will require you to scoop up your inner child off the floor and hold her screaming and crying in your arms.  It is the inner work you do to find out how to love yourself—all of you, the darkest corners of you that the conscious mind has conveniently forgot.  And in the midst of the light and dark, shadow play of awakening, you are both alone and together.

You are both fighting this battle and it gets tiresome and it gets weary.  Twin flames pull the trigger to your own self discovery.  You will never know how deep the rabbit hole goes, because it is a process spiraling ever deeper.  There is always more to learn and discover, clear, heal, work through, so there is never a true “I can’t.”  You can and you will.

It is simply not the path for every soul on this planet.  It does not fit into any box that anyone else could try to conceive of.  It is a kind of growth that not all will experience.  It is not anything like other types of relationships because it is the energetic force that is transforming our very limitations about relationships.

But we have to try to explain this, because it is the forward progression of our conscious understanding of love.  It is the front line of new template creation.  It fits into the grand design, as aspects of its connectedness can be found in our relationship to everything that exists.  There is no one you will understand better, or seek to understand as much, as your twin flame.  And in knowing them, you know very deeply yourself.  Because they are one and the same.  In understanding this unity you can see the unity everywhere.  You can seek to understand your connection to everything and everyone, whether it is pleasant or unpleasant, and especially if it is challenging.

It is an end to the concept of war.  The masculine and feminine inside ourselves can no longer be at war. They have to integrate.  Twin flames are the outer reflection of this inner integration.  We are on the journey back to one.  Back to wholeness.  We are always so close.  But, more whole as we go. And the paradox is, the inner work creates the outer reality.

The truth is, it changes you.  It transforms you.  In ways you don’t understand until later, after you have integrated its teachings.  You are not in control of it, and certainly your ego is a puny force compared to it.  That force of life that allows your heart to beat and your cells to have oxygen and regulates your body is not under the control of your ego.  It does what it does.  It is smarter than you.

It is best to know its ways, rather than to make your ways fit into it. What can I say?  It is a mystery.  It feels like a blessing, it feels like a curse.  It is your life, your journey, your teaching, your path to tread.  Accept it.  Surrender to it.  Learn it. Love it.

Then expand and love more.

Live in the Future or Live in the Now: Psychic Ethics

I am changing some aspects of my work to fall in line with what I believe to be a more ethical and helpful approach to doing readings.

If you are not coming to a reading with the desire for personal growth, the desire to learn and to grow, the desire to understand yourself and others, the desire to make your own decisions and take up your power, then you are not coming to it for the right reasons.

Well what is left then?  The future.  I will be putting up another post related to this about free will and destiny from my perspective doing this work for 8 years professionally. But for now, I want to make it clear that the desire to know the future, while an understandable desire, is problematic and often, addictive.

We want to know the future because we are searching for a security that does not exist.  No one can really understand and convey the future to you with complete accuracy.  And once a reader starts telling you things that happen, you start to believe that they have some channel to God that you don’t possess. False.

You start to only ask about the future.  Your start to get extremely nebby about others. You start to become spiritually dependent on your reader and their abilities.  It can become an addiction that you feel entitled to.

What happens when people live in the future?  They are no longer living in the now.  The now is a magical land, more magical than the future, because the now is where your power, decision making ability, and learning lies.  If you are sitting around waiting for the future, then here’s my advice: Quit it! 😛

So let’s make it clear that above all as far as my work goes, I am here to help people and empower them, not to tell them the future.  I use these abilities as a TOOL to empower you and help your awakening, not to detract from it.  My purpose here on this planet is not to keep you living in the future.  I don’t believe these abilities should be used for psychic games of fancy that are meant to impress anyone.  Readings are not supposed to be about the psychic ability.  They are supposed to be HELP.

When I tell you something is going to happen, I will never say anything like that unless I also give you options and insight.  Some people don’t believe they have options or insight, they just want to know the future.  Just, no. 😛

In the eastern philosophies, psychic ability and other siddhis as they are called, are not encouraged to be developed.  And one reason is, that people can get stuck there.  Overly mystified by this ability, if they own it as theirs, can develop a huge ego.  Overly mystified by others, they can become dependent.  Too preoccupied with the future, they won’t go further on the path to enlightenment, thinking this is as good as it gets.  The energy of awakening gets stuck at the third eye chakra.

I am more of the tantric school of life, so I would say there is nothing wrong with psychic ability (duh, obviously!) but it is all about how it is approached, its applications and HOW it is used and WHAT FOR.

Also, psychic abilities don’t just exist in the light.  There are people who use them for the dark.  That’s a whole other topic.  Watch the movie the Exorcist and see how the dark can manipulate people with psychic abilities.  As it should be obvious at this point, I WORK IN THE LIGHT ONLY.  And that shit would never fly here in my vessel.

At this point I am still calling myself a psychic and a medium because those are different parts of what I do, and I am never one to shirk like a wallflower from using real words like those.

But what I also offer, above and beyond that in my opinion, are other important aspects that actually provide help.  The information that I am channeling through is always focused on help, not on the future.  Yet many people focus on the future, and not on the help, which means they don’t get helped.  It’s of course not my responsibility if someone doesn’t want the help or listen to it, but it IS my responsibility to be as helpful as I can be and as helpful as you allow me to be.

I do believe, and I will explain this is another article, that yes, there are some things that are in your soul plan for this timeline and they can’t be changed, but there are always options as to how you are going to handle them.  The only reason why I believe that is because I am assisted in telling my clients these things, and–I have had to surrender to certain things in life that are not under my control.  These are different for each soul, but think of it like death and taxes.  I don’t care how much free will you have, you are going to leave your body one day and facts like these are non-negotiable.

But within those, please understand that God/Source has not dis-empowered you, so if you feel powerless, that is because you are not seeing where your power lies.  Your will does exist.  We have a higher self will, and we have an ego will, and which one you follow is up to you.

The tagline of my work is this: Intuit. Empower. Awaken.  And I intend to follow that, each one of them being equally important.  One should lead to the other.  Intuition comes first, to get that insight, to see deeply and to understand. From there, empowerment of your higher will can follow. And from there, we move into living a life of alignment and purpose with the whole web of life. And from there, we deepen our awakening.

If I feel that the way you want me to use these abilities is in any way throwing you or me off course, I will say so and act accordingly.  Ok so now what? LOL.  I guess the best thing is to understand that I have this responsibility.  Just ask me your questions and I will decide if it is something that is going to be helpful or not for me to go in and address.  I am committed to using this ability holistically and ethically for the highest and best of all.

With loads of love,




How to Expand Your Psychic Awareness–Pittsburgh lecture

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