Signs of a Soul Mate or Twin Flame

2015 edit–please read–This is an older post. As such, we all grow and evolve.  At this point in my journey I will say that these signs are true for most types of soul connections, including twin flames.  However, the signs of twin flames include additional elements beyond this listing and are generally only understood by going through them over time (and in most cases, YEARS.)  It takes time to understand that you are in a twin flame connection.  Most of you are not.  I will be speaking a lot more on twin flames, stay tuned!


Posted due to popular demand–many of you ask me about this. I have taught this information in LilyDale, NY and counseled lots of people about this. I give you, Signs of a Soul Mate.   If you are experiencing these symptoms and you need help– please get in touch with me.  If one could be given through life experience, I may have a PhD in soul mate experience, a hard but wisdom laden road.  I can definitely help you, and let you know what has helped others (and me) through these experiences.  Do not go through it alone, and no….you are not crazy!

Signs of a Soul Mate

 □  An energetic feeling of connection in the heart, sacral and/or third eye chakras.

□  There is a “romantic” connection.

□  An instant, magnetic, unexplainable attraction.

□  A moment of “soul recognition” that this person is a soul mate, often by a feeling that the connection is establishing itself in your energetic body

□  Psychic or telepathic communication, empathic feelings, knowing the person’s thoughts, feelings, or physical condition.

□  Synchronicities at the time of meeting or at important points in the relationship.  Or a repeated occurrence of seeing the numbers 11:11.

□  Vivid and/or meaningful dreams of partner, astral travels/intimacy/sex in dreams that feels real, a premonition of meeting this person in a dream or other form.

□  Feeling their presence when they are not physically present.

□  Feeling of familiarity regardless of time spent together, “love at first sight”, deep understanding with no logical prior knowledge.

□  Feelings of having spent past lifetimes together, actual past life memories, often tied to current soul mate themes or lessons.

□  General compatibility and mutual shared interests.

□  A spiritual awakening triggered by the partner, that can include: kundalini rising, new found awareness of your personal life purpose, a deepening connection to Higher Power.

□  Similarities in life experiences, often within the same timeframe, “just missing” each other (times when you could have met but didn’t.)

□  A period of separation, during which lessons are integrated.

□  The “runner” and “stayer” dynamic: one or both of you runs from the relationship out of fear, one or both of you at some point wants to stay and make it work.

□  Soul-mate “mirroring” and projection of personal issues.  They “mirror” for you what you need to work on in yourself.

□  You recognize life changing lessons to learn about yourself and the nature of love through this relationship.

□  A profound sense of unconditional love for this person.

□  Conflict in the relationship is intolerable and must be resolved immediately.

□  A sacred element to sexuality.

□  You don’t just “get over it”, you miss them intensely! Feeling that it is not over, even though it may appear to be in external circumstance. Loss/separation can be as painful as a bereavement process.

□  Your life has been thrown into upheaval, huge changes of job, home, finances, inner beliefs, spiritual or religious beliefs.

□  You feel like you are going nuts! Confusion, grief, etc.

□  Obstacles, blocks and more obstacles—partner may already be in a relationship (though not fulfilling) geographical distances, etc.

□  The connection lives on, even without contact or communication, even if you want it to end!

□  Feeling that you two are the only two people in the universe when you talk although there may be tons of people around, time “stands still.”

□  The “push” and the “pull”–Back and forth statements, “I love you” one minute, “I can’t do this” the next, on and off situations with the person, does not want you to leave them although they cannot be with you.

□  You know that a part of you is changing, or has to change, and there is no going back.