Twin Flames: How do you know?

You just do.  That is the very best answer there is.  What do I mean by “you just know.”  I’m talking about that gut level, visceral, completely convinced, no doubt because of the sheer enormity, blow you out of the water, it makes no sense in any other context–knowing.  But everyone wants to know how you know.  Do you know right away? Probably not.  Let me break this down for you.

1.) You are told.  Not just by your gut, but actually told.  Precognition, names, dates, you ask and you are given an answer. Synchs.  You get a straight up answer everywhere you look.  Multiple times. Until you are sick of it.

2.) How do you know that you have had a mystical experience–a vision, a spiritual awakening, a spontaneous healing, a near death experience?  You know like you know when that happens.

3.) You have awakened kundalini.  This is an absolute requirement.  Google it.

4.) You are mission focused and a lightworker.  If you are not yet, you were born to be, and you will be. No getting around it.

5.) You understand them completely–good, bad, the ugly, the beautiful, the warts. Everything.  Even if you don’t like certain things, major deal breakers, well–you get it.  Even if you wish you didn’t.

6.) Spiritual warfare.  This level of love and awakening will get your ass attacked.  Demons, real or parcels of your psyche, come at you. Narcissists, psychopaths, sociopaths, energy vampires come at you.  Forces of the dark try to recruit you.

7.) You wish to everything that exists that it’s not true.  Not this person. No.  You wish you were not a twin flame.  And you must accept that you are.  You are probably very hesitant to use that word.

8.) Time.  The standard is years.  It takes years most of the time just to know in this way that I am speaking of.  Time does not remove the bond, and it never will. Even when you don’t want it, even when you cord cut, even when you bitch moan whine and complain.

9.) Have you ever been physically touched by someone who is not there when you are awake?  Are you a believer now?

10.)  Twin flames incarnate into shitty bloodlines.Alcoholism, drug addiction, domestic violence, beatings, sexual abuse, verbal abuse, family secrets, the mob, and nope, that is standard.  There is a lot of stuff to heal, and it goes wayyyy back.

11.) The masculine and feminine are very strong themes.  One will be predominately one or the other and the task is to balance.  The anima and the animus within is what they literally are.  The inner child of one gets treated like your own inner child.  That is why healing that innner child is so crucial.  Each has the other side of the story that contributes–for example, math/science and the other is spirit/intuition.

12.) Spontaneous healings.  Love always wins no matter what you are mad about.  Always.

13.) Polarity of light and darkness, sometimes to the extreme.

14.) Experiences of chakras merging.

15.) The daily struggle (usually) of how am I going to live through this?

16.) You know one another’s issues deeply and trigger them on the regular if they are not healed–which seems like a lot 🙂

17.) You love them the way you imagine God loves them.  Then you love them more.

18.)  Combined you create what is called the third energy, the holy spirit, whatever you want to call it.  It is palpable and noticeable by others.  Other twins can see it in you.  Strangers on the street can see it.  With the effect of raising kundalini, people will be attracted to you without knowing why. And for the same reason, people might hate you.

19.)  Complete spiritual awakening is what is going on.

20.) It’s so hard you just want to go home.  At the same time, so mystical and unbelievable that you are dumbfounded slack-jawed awestruck that anything like this is even possible on this plane of existence.

This is just from the top of my head.  There is more, way more. But the number one thing is you will know. You will find out.  Give it a few years, perhaps decades.  More to come on this, I was kinda forced by guidance to get this one out there ASAP.  🙂 ❤

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Twin flames have a very special role to fulfill in this time of earth’s ascension to a higher frequency. As volunteers to this 3rd dimensional plane of existence, we came here to anchor, emanate and demonstrate the new paradigm energies in order to raise the vibratory pattern of humanity as a whole. Then why is it, you ask, that when we “wake up” from our human slumber we are far from feeling like powerful, co-creating spiritual super heroes ready to take on the Matrix? In fact, when we awaken to the Twin flame experience and its cosmic call to assist humanity, we often find ourselves barely afloat in the fish soup of the lower human experience, stuck in the nitty gritty of everyday struggles; relationships and marriages that fail to nourish us, overwhelming family dynamics and soul destroying jobs, cracking under cultural and religious demands, in endless cycles of…

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