Transmuting dysfunctional templates and clearing ancestral bloodlines for the benefit of your Twin Flame reunion

Read Jonna’s entire site. She is a friend, but also one of the best writers out there on this subject. We are always on the same page with our thought processes, I would think it erie if I didn’t know better. Enjoy!

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Twin flames have a very special role to fulfill in this time of earth’s ascension to a higher frequency. As volunteers to this 3rd dimensional plane of existence, we came here to anchor, emanate and demonstrate the new paradigm energies in order to raise the vibratory pattern of humanity as a whole. Then why is it, you ask, that when we “wake up” from our human slumber we are far from feeling like powerful, co-creating spiritual super heroes ready to take on the Matrix? In fact, when we awaken to the Twin flame experience and its cosmic call to assist humanity, we often find ourselves barely afloat in the fish soup of the lower human experience, stuck in the nitty gritty of everyday struggles; relationships and marriages that fail to nourish us, overwhelming family dynamics and soul destroying jobs, cracking under cultural and religious demands, in endless cycles of…

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2 thoughts on “Transmuting dysfunctional templates and clearing ancestral bloodlines for the benefit of your Twin Flame reunion

  1. Dear doucejonna and All,

    I have read and written quite a number of blogs elsewhere and of course in this amazingly ” Alive” site. However, as we travel within a 5 th dimension ourselves to be able to discover what truly unconditional national love is, whilst our Twin Glame runs when confronted with such incomprehensible Love that we offer, it amazes me to discover the multiple paths that one runs to. Old habits, the fragmented relationship, obligations, culturally challenging mind issues, what is culturally accepted, submitting to open relationships and deceit . All these and more worldly materialistically connected events within ones life, all to stay in a marriage of convenience.

    After all what is love? How does it compare with ” Being in Love?”

    Is “loving” someone, doing what one desires to do, but without a commitment !!!
    Does it mean that whenever they feel like they move in and out of the relationship?
    Does it mean it is a free spirit to do whatever one pleases whilst the other partner does the same?
    Does it also mean that by hiding what one does it is NOT offensive?
    Does it mean that as long as one does what they want to do and the partner sleeps with the husband or the wife after all this happens WITH SOMEONE ELSE, it makes their own relationship a loving and respectful relationship with a stronger bond?
    In contrast how does an open relationship compare witH ONE THAT IS MONOGAMOUS ?
    Is it not supposedly to be the One love where one resonates within a sphere of such amazing love that connecting with “The Source of Spiritual love” one is spiritually in tune with loving someone for just what they are?
    Loving them not because they are just financially materialistically comfortable?
    What does one need to have, when they find the spiritually mirrored Twin Flame to connect with?
    Does it mean that all things flow from there? All within the 3 red Dimension for convenience misunderstood purposely for ones insecure needs?
    Does the runner keep looking for more partners to quench their physical love?
    Is it insecurity driven to have multiple partners in the search of satisfaction sexually?

    How does ” Truly Being In Love” compare?
    Am I wrong to say that if one is ” Truly in love” one does NOT feel the need to have anyone else?

    I have been graced in finding my Twin Flame, yet I have surrendered and the only loves I have to satisfy my thirst is “The amazing Source of my creator” and “My Twin Flame’s amazing Love connection” one which I will replace with “No other and Nothing” It is incomprehensibly irreplaceable and responsibly Dignified.

    Can You all shed some opinions and views about this subject for me please?
    If doucejonna can enlighten me with such a view? I would like to tear what a woman can say from the depths of her heart compared to a man who after all seeks love at all times, as much as each other do!!!!

    Please be humble and open about what you al, think –

    Loving someone VS being in love with someone

    Love harmony and beliveXXX


    1. Hi Giorgio thanks for your thoughtful comment. Ultimately we decide what love means to us, it means different things to different people based on their experience. That’s not to say that it is all relative, though–as there are certainly things in a twin flame union that are not loving, and it is through learning from the “not loving” that we learn about loving. It is a lesson in contrast that allows us to figure out what is loving to ourselves and others. The one that we always usually seem to forget about is self love, and that is the most important thing and what is highlighted in a twin flame union. If there is a lack of self love and healing, the same treatment extends to the twin as a projection of that. So one must first find out what is not loving to one’s self and heal those things—on your own. We have some basic standards that most people would probably agree on, such as physical abuse is not ok nor self loving to accept from a partner, but you are right, what about emotional abuse etc. If something is painful to us it is a growth point for sure, but that also means not continually putting oneself up to be slaughtered. In the instance of the open relationship question, that is one’s choice if it is loving to self or not. For me it is not. So I don’t agree to that, knowing what kind of a position that puts me in whether my twin likes it or not. And your twin won’t like the idea of hurting you. 🙂 So ultimately what you do to love yourself is the right choice for both, even if it does not appear that way on first glance. So yes sometimes it is saying no.

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