Mediumship: How to Connect with your Loved Ones in Spirit Webinar

Mediumship: How to Connect

with your Loved Ones in Spirit Webinar

 Wed, Nov 4th 8-9:30 pm EST

This is a basics mediumship introduction, useful for anyone who would like to begin tapping in to Spirit and especially for those who would like to connect with their own loved ones who have passed. It is not as difficult as you might think! In honor of the season when the veil is thin, learn the essential how-tos that you can apply easily and right away to connect.
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Newsletter–From Darkness to Light

From darkness to light. ¬†The process of working with your darkness and shadow material is the way to reach the light. ¬†That is the barely admitted secret of transformation that many people just don’t like to talk about. ¬†But the importance of this process is evident in shamanic practice, native indigenous practice, in multiple cultural mythologies and scattered here and there in religion.
One of the last places we usually find it is in new age philosophy. Within that lexicon we have things like the power of positive thinking and the law of attraction (re-interpreted.) ¬†In that line of thinking we should not have negative thoughts or feelings, especially anger or hatred, out of fear that we will attract that in our life. ¬†Well folks, this is incredibly blind and shallow, no? ¬†Not to mention unrealistic. ¬†A deeper approach is to understand that the “darkness” has to be accepted and worked through, not ignored and repressed. ¬†That is what the whole Halloween season does. Brings out all the things we don’t dwell on in polite society such as death, (energetic) vampires, and fear.
The first thing to do is acknowledge that darkness exists. ¬†Hatred, anger, murder, torture, abuse, psychopaths, yes they are all real. ¬†All we have to do is turn on the news to figure that out. ¬†The second thing to do is understand that you have a shadow side within you. ¬†What in you looks like what you see outside of you? ¬†(from esoteric hermeticism–as within, so without, as above, so below.) ¬†And the third thing to do is get busy healing those things, feeling those yucky feelings, loving that inner child, and understanding that is the path to true change–in yourself and in the world. ¬†From darkness into light, that is the way. ¬†ūüôā
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Newsletter–Feeling Stuck or Restricted?

Feeling stuck and restricted?  Many of us have been. At this point in the astrology and energies since 2012, so many know they need to make huge changes.  Anyone still in resistance will really start to feel the heat now.
Usually what happens when we feel stuck is our resistance. ¬†Stuck and stagnant energy will always want to move and your soul wants to grow. ¬†For many of us, it is our fear that keeps us restricted in a holding pattern. ¬†That is the real reason for being stuck. ¬†There is likely something that you don’t want to look at. Something you fear changing. ¬†You may try to shut off your intuition and all the signs that point in another direction. ¬†But in truth, the only real restrictions are the ones you place on yourself. ¬†We do this by being too wrapped up in the mental body, thinking and rationalizing our way out of our own happiness. ¬†We come up with excuses. ¬†These are all ego’s tricky little ways to keep you right where you are. ¬†So how do we get out? ¬†If you don’t feel happy with something, that is your first clue. ¬†Acknowledge your true feelings. ¬†Get out of your head into your heart. ¬†Get off the mental thought loops that keep you locked in worry and fear. ¬†Get very clear about what you want. ¬†Make a plan. Then go for it.
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Newsletter–The Illusion of Security

Here’s a snippet of this week’s newsletter:

Ok, this subject I am passionate about.  There is no such thing as genuine security in 3D reality.  The only, true, everlasting security is to be found in love, Source creative energy, God, the one, the foundation of all.  So the security we think we are going to find in material things, in accumulation and hoarding of anything, in our own physical bodies, in other people, in clinging to any situation as permanent, is simply not there.  So why are we trying so hard to chase after something that is not there?  I think it is because we are living in the egoic illusion that we are separate from God.  The security that we seek in all of the wrong places is our seeking for that realization of oneness with our creator.  Resolving to have that realization is the smartest and wisest investment you will ever make, and it makes a huge difference to how you relate to the 3D world.
Take a look around, everything is in a state of flux and change. ¬†Flowing with that force and not against it is also wise. ¬†So what are we doing when we are worried about security? We do things that we don’t want to do, in order to feel secure. ¬†We don’t do things we want to do out of fear that we won’t be secure. ¬†We don’t take chances or risks, because we think we have security and we are going to lose that. ¬†We don’t make changes that we know we need to make. ¬†We stay in a state of inertia, afraid to make a move and listen to our intuition. ¬†We stagnate, we slow down to a crawl, and we become lifeless. ¬†Our existence becomes determined by our fears. ¬†Safety never created anything. ¬†And safety is an illusion. ¬†Everything you have accumulated you cannot take with you. ¬†Your physical body is going. ¬†The only thing that you take with you is whatever you have created in your heart and soul, and that never happened because you stayed in your comfort zone. ¬†It happened because you realized who you are, what you can do, and you went out and did it.
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Newsletter–Musings on Reincarnation

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Here is a snippet:

This week’s¬†Energetic Forecast: I am sure many of you noticed the total lunar eclipse in Aries on Sunday. ¬†How that affected you will depend on where Aries falls in your natal chart, but lunar eclipses are usually about endings and clearings. ¬†You may feel a lot more clear now than you have in a while that some part of your life has been held back, and you now know why and what for. ¬†This is a good thing, although many people don’t like change or surprises, everyone knows that is how the universe works–you are better off going with the flow that presents itself now.
¬†I was re-watching Rick Levine’s take on September and it struck me when he said Sept is about “adapting to change while not losing our center.” ¬†That’s perfect. The effects of eclipses are long lasting with a six month window so expect the effects to linger. Still in Mercury retro until Oct 9th, which is basically a “are you sure you know what you are doing?” effect. ¬†We have Mars and Jupiter in Virgo which is willing to work step by step, Saturn in Sag which is making sure we are ready to make real changes. ¬†You may feel like hitting the gas and the brake which is also a good analogy, so take your time, don’t panic, and keep center.
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Newsletter–The Dark Night of the Soul

The Dark Night of the Soul. The term for this spiritual stage comes from a poem by Saint John of the Cross.  From a Christian perspective it is the time when Jesus is on the cross, before the resurrection.  I am referring to it here as a spiritual metaphor for the dark night. A time period like this feels like God has forsaken you.  Answers may not be forthcoming.  Synchronicity has stopped.  Anything you try to make work is faced with defeat.  Nothing is working, it is hard to find any sense or meaning, and you feel that you have been dropped into the great void of the abyss.  The same patterns, problems and programs keep replaying themselves on an endless loop.  And to make it worse we have the terror of this great big giant space of emptiness.  It is a time of feeling utterly alone, an ego lost at sea on the waves of transformation with nothing to hang on to as you get pounded by wave after wave.
How do we deal with this? ¬†Do not resist. I repeat, do not resist. ¬†That includes trying to make it be anything other than what it is. ¬†Quit trying for now, ease into it, feel what it brings up, and be gentle and self loving. ¬†Eliminate what is superfluous in your life and get down to basics of self care. ¬†Understand that this is a test, this is only a test. ¬†If this were an actual emergency you would be dead ūüôā haha! You can handle it! You will survive! ¬†And you come out stronger.
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Newsletter–Got Integrity?

Integrity is the quality of being true to self.  We can also think of it as being in alignment with your higher self or soul.  A lack of integrity brings fragmentation of the self.  Think about it. If you do things that go against your conscience, your better judgement, or your personal values, this creates stress, and something called cognitive dissonance.  This is when your thoughts are in conflict with one another, or your heart is in conflict with your head, or any way in which you are not in unity with yourself.  There is a reason why one of the most essential spiritual maxims is: Know Thyself.  Your responsibility is to live as your true self, in alignment with your values and purpose.  Integrity is one of the core ways that you learn how to love yourself.  To not act against yourself, and to make choices that you feel are right for you even though they may appear to be unliked or unpopular.  To tell the truth when lying might be easier.  This is how we are ok with ourselves at the end of the day.

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New Webinar: The Evolution of Love–3D to 5D

The Evolution of Love: 3D to 5D Webinar

Wed, Sept 16th

8-9:30pm EST

¬†What does it mean to shift perspective from a 3d to 4d and 5d understanding of love? These dimensional realities don’t exist in some other place and time, they are higher levels of consciousness that exist right here and right now. As part of a spiritual awakening and growth process, these are dimensions that we get to access. I will explain these perspectives and illustrate them with practical examples. Our understanding of the energy of love is shifting; learn more about this and how YOU being on the planet at this important growth time in history can help to make this happen. In your personal life, professional life, and all your connections with others.


If you are not available for the live stream, you will have access to the recording.

Also consider joining my video channel, where you have access to all of my previous webinars on various spiritual topics, which is quite a long list ūüėČ You also get access to all of the future webinars which are 2 times a month, including this one by joining. $19.99/month and that’s a sweeeet deal. Join here:

Newsletter–Strength, the Heart of a Champion!

Enjoy this week’s newsletter, stay strong ūüôā

Heart of a Champion–Strength! We are in a strength year, number 8 in numerology which is the Strength card in the tarot. What is this energy all about? It has many facets–endurance, capacity, and the power of will. What I have found is that everyone can admire strength when witnessed but only those who have developed their own inner strength understand what it takes to get there. Diamonds form under pressure. Muscles are built from being broken down and built up stronger. There are tests of strength, otherwise how would we even have anything to compare it to? How would we know it at all? We wouldn’t. The more experiences you go through in life, the more challenges you face head on, the more fear you dispel, the stronger you get. What doesn’t kill you, makes you bad ass. ¬†ūüôā¬†I believe that. It brings out things in you you never dreamed were there. It puts you into direct conversation with the Divine, because that is where we pull true strength from. It does not come from the ego or the personality. It comes from life force energy, chi, prana, in other words–the Divine.

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