Journey to Spiritual Partnerships: Soul Connections and the Evolution of Love Pittsburgh Workshop!

Journey to Spiritual Partnerships:

Soul Connections and the Evolution of Love

Sunday Aug 2nd


First United Methodist Church, Fellowship Hall

5401 Centre Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15232

This in-depth, interactive workshop is a must for learning about the new relationship templates that are forming with the current shift of consciousness on our planet from 3D to 4D and beyond. If you want to understand a soul connection experience such as a karmic soul mate, soul mate, twin flame, or soul catalyst, this is for you. If you are ready to go deep with your own personal growth journey and really do the work to grow in self love and love in relationships, the exercises in this class will jumpstart you in the right direction. If you are looking to open yourself to a new spiritual partnership, we will talk about how to do this through self work.  If you have had the difficult experience of dealing with unhealthy people and relationship patterns, we will discover the deeper meanings and lessons inherent in this experience.   This workshop is a synthesis of past teachings on soul connections, new insights from my personal experience as a twin flame and from my clients, as well as what I just taught in Lily Dale this summer.  It is the complete package of my learning, research, personal experience and coaching experience since I have explored the subject of spiritual partnerships beginning in 2008.  I am passionate about this subject and helping everyone to shift successfully into the beautiful understanding of self love and love for others.  This workshop will spark deep insights and heart openings through a combination of practical theory, reflective exercises, meditations to shift energy, and many other spiritual tools.

Lily Dale Workshop this July: Journey to Spiritual Partnerships

You may know that I have been teaching at Lily Dale, NY since 2012.  Well this year I am expanding my teachings, so this class will not be the same course I have taught in Lily Dale, online, or in various other locations on twin flames, soul connections, and soul mates.  It will include my absolute latest on these topics and more. Here is the description:

Journey to Spiritual Partnerships

Thursday, July 2nd


Lakeside Assembly Hall, Lily Dale Assembly

Lily Dale, NY

Our relationships reflect our inner states of mind, life lessons, and personal growth themes. Learning about ourselves through relationships is a challenging and rewarding path. As we progress through karmic soul mates, soul connections, twin flames, and the newly emerging divine partnerships, we are learning how to love ourselves and others on deeper levels. As we do so we are creating new relationship templates that revolutionize our ideas about love and relating to one another as we spiritually evolve and ascend. Learn about how to create true spiritual partnerships, the different kinds of soul connection relationships, and how to deepen your understanding of the most important force in our universe-LOVE.


The last day for online registration is June 27th, but you can also register at the door, provided seats are available.  The last class I taught at Lily Dale was full.

Also check out the facebook event. I hope to see you there!  Lily Dale is a cool place to visit if you have never been there, especially in the summer when there are many awesome classes being taught by spiritual leaders from around the world.  🙂

Understanding Soul Mates, Twin Flames, and Soul Connections, Part 3 Webinar!

Upcoming Webinar:

Understanding Soul Mates, Twin Flames, and Soul Connections, Part 3

Wed, May 27th, 8pm EST


In part 3, we will cover: unconditional love vs. egoic love, ways to cope and deal with the dynamics, how to balance, heal and clear common issues, and the true benefits of all soul connections: self work. We will talk about the ways in which soul connections create soul growth and further develop your path of spiritual awakening, ultimately creating a higher version of yourself. I will also talk about my revelations in understanding the dynamics and meaning of twin flame connections.


For part 1 and 2, or to purchase or subscribe to my video series,

please visit my video channel

Understanding Soul Mates, Twin Flames, and Soul Connections, Part 1 Webinar!

Upcoming Webinar:

Understanding Soul Mates, Twin Flames, and Soul Connections, Part 1

Wed, April 15th, 8pm EST

This is an introductory class on soul connections and what they are. Our soul connections catapult our personal and spiritual growth, and teach us how we can unconditionally love ourselves and others.

• Demystify soul connections by examining popular myths

• Understand the different kinds of soul connections

• Understand the energetic basis of soul connections

• Explore the metaphysical dynamics: telepathy, empathic psychic connections, synchronicity, “mirroring” and spiritual awakening

• Recognize the common signs of a soul connection