Journey to Spiritual Partnerships: Soul Connections and the Evolution of Love Pittsburgh Workshop!

Journey to Spiritual Partnerships:

Soul Connections and the Evolution of Love

Sunday Aug 2nd


First United Methodist Church, Fellowship Hall

5401 Centre Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15232

This in-depth, interactive workshop is a must for learning about the new relationship templates that are forming with the current shift of consciousness on our planet from 3D to 4D and beyond. If you want to understand a soul connection experience such as a karmic soul mate, soul mate, twin flame, or soul catalyst, this is for you. If you are ready to go deep with your own personal growth journey and really do the work to grow in self love and love in relationships, the exercises in this class will jumpstart you in the right direction. If you are looking to open yourself to a new spiritual partnership, we will talk about how to do this through self work.  If you have had the difficult experience of dealing with unhealthy people and relationship patterns, we will discover the deeper meanings and lessons inherent in this experience.   This workshop is a synthesis of past teachings on soul connections, new insights from my personal experience as a twin flame and from my clients, as well as what I just taught in Lily Dale this summer.  It is the complete package of my learning, research, personal experience and coaching experience since I have explored the subject of spiritual partnerships beginning in 2008.  I am passionate about this subject and helping everyone to shift successfully into the beautiful understanding of self love and love for others.  This workshop will spark deep insights and heart openings through a combination of practical theory, reflective exercises, meditations to shift energy, and many other spiritual tools.

Self love–give a valentine to yourself!

Valentine’s day has never been my favorite holiday although of course one of the main things that I teach people about is love, relationships, soul mates, soul connections and twin flames.  Valentine’s day has primarily been about the romantic idea of love, which we all love, as much as we love flowers, chocolate and tender words. 😉 But let me give you a little secret.  What is the one thing that you can do today to improve your relationships with others?  Improve the relationship you have with yourself and with God (creator, source energy, the universe, however you want to think of this.)

Personally I have reclaimed this day as a self love day.  People very often spend it lonely, worried about if the person they fancy will live up to their expectations, or even notice their existence or show some kind of appreciation to them.  And of course it is some kind of horrible curse to gasp….be single on this day and not have a date.  Right?  Nope.

How do we turn that kind of thinking around?  Dedicate some part of the day to learning how to love yourself.  This all sounds fine and dandy, sure Victoria I want to love myself, I even know that is important but WTF does that really mean?  HOW do I do THAT?? My spidey sense hears you saying that and I feel you.  So here’s what I did to address this.

I am beginning a new bi-monthly webinar series on various topics that I teach people about, I am calling it Wednesday Webinar Whizdom.  But I am kicking off this series on the actual Valentine’s day because you see, I am making a statement for self love! It is the MOST IMPORTANT ingredient for successful relationships.

It’s called Real Talk: Practical Self Love because that is what we need…realness, down to earth, I can do this, no BS, advice!  It is 12 noon EST on Saturday, the 14th until 1.30pm.  But not to worry, if you have plans for Valentine’s Day this whole webinar is going to be recorded, so all you have to do is register and you will have access to it. Bring your questions for the Q & A!

To break it down for you I have made this video, check it out!

The fee is $10…and you can register right here: 

Give a lil love to yourself and you will be glad you did!  Peace, love, flowers and chocolate, V

Real Talk: Practical Self Love Webinar!

Hi ya, I am having a webinar on Sat Feb 14th from 12-1:30 EST on Self Love!  This is soooo important as I am sure you will agree, and a very common lesson in soul connection situations whether you are dealing with a twin flame or a soul mate.

Here is a link, watch the video to learn more about self love and register here: