Introduction to Parapsychology, Part 2 Webinar

Introduction to Parapsychology, Part 2 Webinar

Wed, Sept 2nd

8-9:30pm EST

 Parapsychology is the scientific study of psychic phenomena, which many people are not aware of as it is not popularized in mainstream media. In part 2, I will discuss psychokinesis studies that cover mind over matter effects such as prayer, hands on healing, intention and meditation. We will cover the results of healing studies, the “feeling of being stared at,” as coined by Rupert Sheldrake, the Global Consciousness Project, studies of Transcendental Meditation, clairvoyance, and the government funded remote viewing program. I will also talk about my own experiment in remote viewing I conducted in graduate school. And we will also talk about what Dean Radin calls the “taboo of psi” an explanation as to why psi is not widely accepted by mainstream science. This is not a “woo-woo” type of lecture series, it is about science, although I will give my perspectives on the info I present.


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Hate is Bitter, Love is Rich

Dr. Emoto is famous for his experiments with water and how directed intentions affect it, outlined in the book The Hidden Messages of Water .  Here is a video from You Tube that demonstrates this.

Water, Consciousness & Intent: Dr. Masaru Emoto

As the video points out, our bodies are made up of mostly water.  Here is an experiment you can try at home for yourself, and see what happens!

First I wrote the words love and hate on separate pieces of paper and took the time to visualize and experience those emotions while holding each piece of paper separately.  I thought of someone I loved and this created the feeling of love, and someone I disliked, which I tried to amplify for the sake of the experiment.   I placed equal amounts of water from the tap into identical glasses, and taped each word to the bottom of the glass, where they were not visible and placed them in the freezer for a week.  I wanted to see if I could notice anything different visually in the way the water would freeze, similar to Emoto.

I did not notice any difference in the way the water froze, but the taste was the real test! I allowed the frozen glasses to sit on my counter for about a half hour before drinking.  What I discovered was that the “hate-filled” water was bitter tasting.  It had somewhat of a metallic taste and an aftertaste.  The “love water” was better than any water I have ever tasted.  It reminded me of the fresh spring water that I sampled several weeks ago on a camping trip in the woods.  It was smooth, soft, and rich—it just seemed like there was something extra in it that held it together.  I usually don’t notice the differences in the taste of water (whether it is from the tap or bottled) so this really surprised me.  I also tried to see if time had any affect on how the water tasted, and was surprised to discover that as time went on, the “hate-filled” water neutralized in flavor and most definitely lost its bitter elements.  Perhaps there is neutralizing love force that brings things back to a homoeostasis.

As Emoto said, there is a great lesson in the power of words, and in this case, emotions and visualizations, on water—which comprises a large percentage of our organs and tissues.  I found it equally interesting that given time, the effect of negative emotions seem to be healed or neutralized whereas the effect of positive emotion tended to remain.  It seems that one could deduce that although a negative output on our part certainly has a negative effect, healing certainly does happen—perhaps almost immediately to correct the situation.

What kind of water would you rather drink? 🙂