Newsletter–Failure is not an option, it’s a key to success

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Failure is not an option, it’s a key to success. This topic is so relevant right now in many of my client’s lives. ¬†The trials and tribulations of taking responsibility for oneself are not easy. ¬†We have such a resistance to the idea of failure. ¬†Most people take it to mean there is something fundamentally wrong with them at their core. ¬†And this is never true.
The fact that you are human right now guarantees your failure. ¬†Oh I know how happy joy optimistic that does not sound. ūüôā But the evolutionary force that is moving us all forward requires our imperfect imperfections and mistakes to facilitate learning. ¬†That is the name of the game here in 3d. ¬†If you are here you are in this earth school and this is simply part of the rules. ¬†So failure is not an option because 1) failure doesn’t really exist, it is simply a stepping stone to success. ¬†And 2) it’s not optional because it’s necessary. ¬†Do you genuinely, deeply, joyfully, want to succeed in your mission here? ¬†Then step right up to the plate and be willing to take a risk and fail a little, and then learn from that. ¬†Then do it again. ¬†And again. ¬†Keep going, and you eventually see that you– at your core–ARE wide enough to embrace the deepest failure of your life compassionately and with great wisdom. ¬†The greater the fail, the greater the opportunity for love and light.
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