Introduction to Parapsychology, Part 1 Webinar

Introduction to Parapsychology, Part 1 Webinar

Wed, Aug 19th

8-9:30pm EST

Parapsychology is the scientific study of psychic phenomena, which many people are not aware of as it is not popularized in mainstream media. In part 1, I will go over a brief history of the field, highlight the work of Dean Radin, discuss psi in popular culture, and talk about the results of telepathy and precognition (knowing the future) experiments. These two presentations together will give a nice overview of the field. This is not a “woo-woo” type of lecture series, it is about science, although I will give my perspectives on the info I present.


Upcoming Webinar: Psychic Development, Part 3

Upcoming Webinar:

 Psychic Development, Part 3

Wed, July 8th, 8pm EST

 We will continue with some concepts from Part 2. Part 3 will give you an introduction to mediumship (bringing through those who have passed.) We will discuss sensing past, present and future in a reading. I will also give you my method of how to tune in and do a reading for yourself or for others with no tools other than those you find within you 🙂


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Upcoming Webinar: Psychic Development, Part 2

Upcoming Webinar:

Psychic Development, Part 2

Wed, June 24th, 8pm EST

This class will focus on intermediate level psychic development, including such concepts as: developing trust and removing blocks to your psychic ability (common fears and stumbling blocks, the influence of the imagination, rational thinking mind, and ego, and how to clear blocks from the mental, emotional and energetic body.) We will talk about literal and symbolic messages, accuracy and interpretation, and how expectations can get in the way of further development.


Help for the Empath or Highly Sensitive Person Webinar

Upcoming Webinar:

Help for the Empath or Highly Sensitive Person

Wed, May 6th, 8pm EST (changed from the 29th)

Learn how to fully accept your identity as an empath or highly sensitive person, and get clear on the characteristics and signs. Learn how to distinguish when your impressions are psychic or your own emotions or feelings. Learn how to release what is not yours. Here you will find some help for how to relate to others who may not be empaths. Instead of having your ability be a drain, learn how to thrive and use your sensitivities for good, for yourself and others.