Webinar–The Energy of 2016, Ascension, and the Shift

Happy New Year awesome readers!

The Energy of 2016, Ascension

and the Shift Webinar

Wed, January 6th, 8-9:30 PM EST

This class will cover some of the major astrological aspects of the year 2016, the numerology, tarot (Hermit year, number 9) and my general insights and vibes about the year ahead. In addition, what all of this has to do with ascension and the great shift.

Register here ($11.11): http://gowoa.me/i/mw9x

If you are not available for the live stream, you will have access to the recording.

Also consider joining my video channel, where you have access to all of my previous webinars on various spiritual topics, which is quite a long list 😉 You also get access to all of the future webinars which are 2 times a month, including this one by joining. $19.99/month and that’s a sweeeet deal. Join here: https://victoriazaitzpsychicmedium.pivotshare.com/



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2 thoughts on “Webinar–The Energy of 2016, Ascension, and the Shift

  1. Hello Victoria, I am still a huge fan of your work,and would love to continue to receive these newsletters,and am saving  up for phone reading too!..I just wanted to make sure I’m still on your email list.And hope you feel a million little blessings all around you for who you are and your amazing gifts and talents to this world and the next. Hugs across Cyber space,you rock! Kathryn..:)

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    1. Thank you so much Kathryn! I appreciate your fandom and kind comments! 🙂 I have not written a newsletter in quite a while, I have been so busy with no time to write them, plus I will be transitioning to writing a book here soon on soul connections! When I get back to writing them you will be getting them in your inbox. 🙂 It will no longer be a weekly email, either bi-weekly or monthly, have not decided yet!! Much love and gratitude, Victoria

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