Mediumship: How to Connect with your Loved Ones in Spirit Webinar

Mediumship: How to Connect

with your Loved Ones in Spirit Webinar

 Wed, Nov 4th 8-9:30 pm EST

This is a basics mediumship introduction, useful for anyone who would like to begin tapping in to Spirit and especially for those who would like to connect with their own loved ones who have passed. It is not as difficult as you might think! In honor of the season when the veil is thin, learn the essential how-tos that you can apply easily and right away to connect.
Register here

If you are not available for the live stream, you will have access to the recording.

Also consider joining my video channel, where you have access to all of my previous webinars on various spiritual topics, which is quite a long list 😉 You also get access to all of the future webinars which are 2 times a month, including this one by joining. $19.99/month and that’s a sweeeet deal. Join here:

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