Transformational Change as Spiritual Growth Webinar

Upcoming Webinar:

Transformational Change as Spiritual Growth

Sunday, June 21st, 8pm EST

(changed from June 17th.)

In the current energies, we are all faced with upheavals. Changes of job, residence/location, relationships, and sudden health issues or loss of friends or family members takes its toll on us, but also, strengthens us. If you are going through, or will be going through, a major crisis, transition, or change—this class is for you. We will create a safe space where we will learn the deep lessons inherent in processes of transformation. Learn: Common lessons/life themes inherent in change, transition, and transformation,Techniques to take care of yourself, how to ground and center when change is swirling around you, Why these situations call for self-love and how to practice that, How trauma and stress impacts the body, mind, and spirit,”Anchors” that help to keep you strong and sane in hard times, The importance of emotional release and learn emotional releasing techniques, How to build your social support networks,How to see your struggles as learning opportunities and remain positive, problem solving strategies.


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