Healthy & Unhealthy Relationship Patterns Webinar!

Upcoming Webinar:

Healthy & Unhealthy Relationship Patterns

Wed, April 8th, 8pm EST

What makes a healthy relationship? If you want to improve your relationships, this webinar is for you! We can tell what is healthy by determining what is unhealthy, and there are a ton of unhealthy patterns that most of us carry into our adulthood. Many of them are rooted in psychological dysfunction from experiences in our childhoods. We will talk about several of these including co-dependency, the rescue complex, victimization, projection, over idealization, power and control issues and many more. We will also go over psychological energy vampires such as narcissists and those who are incapable of relating on an equal level. What are those people like and how can we avoid them? We will talk about healthy boundaries and what a healthy relationship looks like. Advice will be given on how to heal and clear your unhealthy patterns from a spiritual and energetic perspective.


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